What do you think are the greatest benefits of journaling? What’s you’re favourite thing about it?

Pedro J.
I have ADHD and until recently, lived my life one day at a time with no forward planning. Then, I was diagnosed about a year ago (I’m 34). Since then, journaling (Bullet Journalling, specifically) helps me get to grips with the things I keep anxiously putting off. It’s about clarity, because knowing is half the battle.
Charlotte E.
I think the greatest benefit of journaling is you come close to yourself knowing yourself much better.To know how you feel in different situations what is the real you which you never came across.The time when you overreact times when you’re low what’s you exactly
Shannon C.
I like the self reflection aspect. I use Tumblr because it's easier to journal with a keyboard imo. Ot's also nice to remember the full day, and be able to refresh you mind on what your day/week has been like
Klaus Peter I.
It gives you a chance to unscramble the things going on in your mind, it gives you a chance to focus, reassess, and revisit. I love the feeling after I’ve finished with a journal entry. I feel refreshed, clear headed and ready to start the day.