Do you write literally every day, or are there gaps?

Caroline F.
I try to write every day. Sometimes it's hard. It's like nothing is going on in my head and I don't wanna just write about my day. I wanna write about my thoughts that day.
Kylian T.
I write every weekday with breaks on the weekends. I find it helps not to stress about getting my writing done. Weekends are meant to relax and be stress free. And usually weekdays I’m busy during the day. Plenty of time for writing in the evening. Weekends are spent, for me, at different times, depending on the event. Less time to worry about writing. I find this works for me, but try different Strategies. Try writing everyday and if it doesn’t work..try something else! Thanks!
Veronika G.
When I feel like I don't have the spoons to write or that I have nothing to write about, I still write one sentence to the effect of "The useless days will add up to something".