What do you reflect on in your journal?

Marilena O.
Often I reflect my day and how I feel and what was bad. Than I try to see se good things in the bad things. For example I wasted time. I have to study but I did other things and I hate it. So I say "Ok, you didn't learn. BUT tidied up your house and whased your dishes and made an wonderfull meal. < But i still hate it. ^^°
Shea N.
I just reflect on things like, what I did, what I'm feeling, and what others did. I write in it as if I were talking to someone, but I don't hold anything back.
Alisha Y.
Goals, list of things to do, aspirations and more and more recently the emotional barriers I need to overcome to better communication for the future with others. Social goals and gains, ideas for cooking, baking, planning, prepping and moving into arts and crafts ideas with the kids.
Jodi Q.
I approach my journal as Morning Pages, no matter when I end up writing in it. Morning Pages, if you don’t know, are encouraged by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way.

She advises artists to sit at the journal and freewrite or use stream-of-consciousness to fill up three pages without worrying about neatness, spelling, grammar, or clarity. It’s just to release whatever is on our minds. Any subject is appropriate.

This allows me to process my worries and concerns and explore ideas and my own mind.

I also allow myself to use bullet points, to sketch, make lists, write poems, take notes, make mental maps, brainstorm, or just write one line or an incomplete entry.

For me, my journal is an open space for me to realize my own thinking, to help me process and organize my thoughts.