Do you think an expensive journal or planner is worthy to purchase?

We T.
Tes, of Course. First of all it is much nicer write in something what we like. Secondly sometimes we can make a small gift for ourselves. You can buy a new journal after one week streak of writing, it can be also motivation to start.

Rachel Z.
I depends I like one that prompts what type of stuff and where to write it. It helps organize my thoughts and keep that space for the correct purpose.

Hatice U.
When you write in a nicer planner it does help with the feeling that your writing something important. The downside of its expensive you can get a little anxious about choosing to write in it. I personally choose a nicer looking planner on the cheap side because it reduces anxiety

Doris Q.
An expensive planner can attract you to it and make you more likely to use it. If you’re the type to impulse buy planners and never use them, definitely not. If it’s something you’re going to use daily or close to daily then of course! I’d suggest using a cheaper one until the habit is built, then upgrading, maybe once you hit a big milestone in your habit building.

Becki X.
Try bullet journaling .just a dotted journal medium price and your thoughts and feelings and a new hobby as you can be as creative as you want.look on Pinterest for some ideas to inspire

Rose S.
No I don’t, any online planner can work just as well, what’s important is that you have an outlet to write and express and organize yourself

India S.
I tend to feel guilty after purchasing an expensive planner. What you can do is print free templates online and then bind the pages yourself. This makes your journal more personal to your needs and because you’ve made it, and you’re writing in it frequently, it’ll make you happier and in tune with your work.

Lana Y.
not really,, I journal on my iPad in an app called good notes 5. It is quite affordable and you can make and write in many notebooks, and it saves you money for buying loads of journals.. or just buy notebooks and journals at poundland or an cheap store, it does NOT have to be expensive!

Hajo T.
Honestly it dose journaling really helps start your day and it doesn’t have to be something Long it could be just a simple word or even writing goals or even the dream you had. And planners can keep you organized and on track and help with creating habits same with journaling.

Najoua R.
No !!! Definitely not ! A simple one is great !! Why would choose an expensive one ? You won’t show it to anyone right ? I mean it’s supposed to be personal .. I do like beautiful things I picked up a very nicely designed journal but it does not have to be expensive …

Alireza R.
Short answer: yes. but my system with new tools is eventual improvement, for example I start off with whatever available right now and after predetermined days I’d upgrade it. This way you’re not only rewarding yourself but you also refrain impulsive shopping.

Amy N.
Honestly not really. Unless you find one that for some reason you just have to have, even a piece of paper will do. I like to use school books I never used as my planners and they’re only 50c each so you save money

Sisenando Z.
Yes!!!! If you buy yourself a journal it helps with many things… it can help you get your feelings out… or plan the day like a planner!!!!! But if you don’t feel like spending the money you can simply use fabulous’s journaling app or download a journal app!!!!

Merry F.
I think it depends on if the planner is good. Personally I don't have a planner, I don't think it's necessary because you can do pretty much all planner things on your phone. You can even download a planner app.

Brandon C.
I don’t really think that an expensive journal or planner does so much a difference. Journaling is more like when you feel it. But if this could help you to remind you to journaling yes why not. But it’s not necessary.

Merry F.
It depends on the features of the journal and your own understanding of yourself. Noting down your thoughts and your plans is definitely helpful. However, if you don't like it, or are uncomfortable with writing random thoughts in an expensive journal, it's not a good purchase. If it's a big journal that you have to keep at home, while often spending your time away, you won't be seeing it much. If it's a small pocket thing and you like to write a lot, it'll be full before you know it. Investing in a journal is always a good idea, but think smart about what you're investing in and what you want out of it. For me, a small free memo app on my phone works ideally to keep track of my thoughts. For you, a large beautiful book might do the same=)

Kurt T.
No not really, i often get tempted to buy things that look nice thinking this will motivate me but i feel one can achieve whatever he has in mind with minimal resources. Your focus should be on establish the habit of writing, you can write anywhere and save your money for something else you truly need

Just a thought, unless you really really live that one specific journal i guess

Maher U.
No i don't think you need to get an expensive journal. More details are fun but sometimes overwhelming and i think any pen and paper or if you like a digital planner there are tons

Lily F.
I think so, best go for a pretty one that’s a mid range price because you’ll be more likely to use it and the good quality will make you feel more productive and put together

Amber Y.
Sometimes. Which is to say that you don’t need an expensive journal but if it’s something you use and enjoy then why not spend the money? It’s worth it. If you’re going to hoard it and not touch it for fear of ruining it or you’re going to freak out over it when you do mess up—because you will—then it’s not worth it. You want something that you’ll use, you know? Because what’s the point of a journal that’s empty?

Lynne Q.
I thought about that same question when buying mine. I decided that if it had the features I would gladly use it daily. I wanted a soft leather with larger pages to write & one that I could organize in sections. I did pay a little more, but, I treasure & use daily. I love reading & writing all my things into it.

Faith L.
if you’re new to journaling or using a planner, i’d wait a month or so to make sure you stick with the habit just in case you stop doing it so you don’t spend a bunch of money on one you won’t use, but if it’s already a habit for you and you do it regularly then id say go for it ! bullet journals and nice planners just help you feel more organized and they hold up better than the cheap ones ! i definitely think they’re worth the purchase.

Bonnie N.
If you already journal and it is part of your routine then sure, go for it
But if you’re just starting don’t risk the chances of leaving empty a pretty, expensive and new journal

Anastasia Z.
I think it is not the price that should decide if it's a worthy purchase or not. If you do like this particular planner and have decided to change your mindset with the help of journaling, you should be able to buy it without any regrets. Contribution to yourself and your inner growth is never too expensive.

Megan P.
I suppose it depends what you’ll be using it for. If you’re big into art and have been doing things like bullet journaling or art journaling for a while, then yes, I think an expensive journal or planner with good paper could be a nice way to treat yourself. But if you’re just starting out, or are just looking for a place to simply dump your thoughts and feelings, an expensive journal or planner really isn’t necessary.

Valia N.
From my experience – no. I have bought quite a number of expensive notebooks and journals for the purpose of planning and I have never used them consistently and for a long time. What is important is the practice. The practice of setting time for yourself – to think about where you are and where you are going. To reflect on the journey. A cheap notebook would do just fine 🙂

Diane C.
Definitely not, you can always write your thoughts on your phone, that way you’ll always have a handy journal/ planner with you!

Majda E.
I think it depends on the kind of person you are, if your a person who loves keeping memories I would definitely spend more time and money on a journal so it’s not only beautiful on the inside, but also something you can be proud of.

Same for a planner, when you are a busy person I would definitely spend more money on a planner. That way it good organized so you won’t have to mis a thing, and even have some time for yourself.

Donna Q.
Planners and fancy journals are really nice. I've bought several in the past because the the cover has inspirational words or a really nice picture that caught my eye. I use them in beginning and then as a place to store my bills and important papers. The phone is by far the best planner! Microsoft Outlook has been a lifesaver! It sends me reminders for appointments, meetings, just important dates/times I won't remember on my own. If you really want a nice journal search on Amazon or discount stores like Marshall's or TJ MAXX. ❤️

Sarah Z.
if you want to get in the habit of using a journal I don’t believe that it is necessary to buy a super expensive one or one that is going to overwhelm you. I would say to start simple and later on when you learn more about journaling or make it a habit you can but fancier one.

Jaz N.
I think it all depends on what you consider to be expensive. I’ve recently purchased a all-in-1 planner and journal off Amazon for about $12. But to be honest, I generally like to journal out of a regular spiral notebook that you can easily get from the Dollar Tree. As far as the planner thing goes, I usually just use my calendar app on my phone.

Johanne B.
I don’t think it’s worth purchasing an expensive journal because if your thinking of having one for your home then who is gonna be able to see it

Duarte Y.
Yes because if it’s some that you buy or are in love with you’re more likely going to use it. I love a bargain but you have to add value where you want to create value.

Bonnie N.
Nope. There are a lot of free sources available. It would be worth if included in the premium package , a personal journal, with the possibility to share the content or not .

Matthieu E.
It depends, I think it’s the quality of the journal which is important. I think a mode appealing looking journal will make me more motivated and to work harder

Sebastiana Q.
I don't know about others but for me a normal Bujo or even Notebook is enough, every one likes to have most beautiful bujo but truth is, it takes to much time and distract you from your goals. I like the minimal ones the most.

Meli N.
I would suggest you go for a planner or a journal that cheers you up and stand out among other notebooks. Whenever you look at it, you want to hold it in your hands, and you trust sharing your deepest feelings with. Hope it helps 🙂

Tess B.
I think it can be worth it if motivation and discipline is present daily to write and coordinate/plan. Even if it’s a daily writing prompt or about your day (weather it was stressful or good). It’s best to allow time to get something on paper.

Derci P.
A journal should be for you to write down your thoughts and feelings. It's your words what makes a journal worthy or not, so I'd say it might be nice to have an expensive good looking journal ONLY if you want to show it to someone or if it helps you feel inspired. If not, then I don't think that's the best option honestly, especially because most people just write on it a couple of times and then leave it, so that would've made it a waste of money. However, it's 100% up to you if you feel the need to have a nice journal or if you're just gonna prioritize what you write in it.

Merry F.
It depends! Sometimes the cheeper ones are the ones I need. Get the journal or planner that fits your needs!
Pro tip: getting a journal or planner that you like and is cute is one of the best ways to be consistent in journaling or planning in my opinion!!

Much love! MJ💕

Merry F.
I am partial to a lovely journal. I would highly recommend d that anyone find a journal that speaks to them. This way, writing in it regularly will be a pleasure. There are so many different kinds and styles to choose from that there is no real reason that if someone wants to begin Journaling they can start a great habit.

Harmony W.
Yes, if the journal/planner will help you to reach your goals and encourage you, then by all means, it’s worth it’s cost. Probably even more if it changes your life.

Hilda Z.
Since you are determined in what you gonna do to rebuild yourself, there is no need for expensive and luxury planners or other stuff

Rosemary N.
It is expensive because of my country economy but normally it is worthy to purchase however I am a student I can’t afford it. Still love you 🥺💕

Talytha Z.
No. I think any journal is fine as long as it’s lined. An expensive journal is better for work. Any paper is better to write down thoughts – even scrap paper.

Madina N.
If you like the color or quality of the diary, it’s better to spend some money and enjoy the purchase! Cause every time it will give you joy to write and carry this diary, as it’s already has been purchased with positive vibe!

Aurore J.
If you use it constantly or like every day I think it can be useful yes.
It would be a motivator to know that you spend a lot in it so you juste have to use it to compensate

Sophia Z.
No, I don't think so. Mainly because a journal can be handwritten and there are plenty of good but also not expensive journals out there. Aside from that, there are also lots of ideas and prompts for journaling, on the internet…

Anna S.
Well it depends. I buy expensive notebooks because I have some money to spare and I notice that I feel better writing in something with a cover I really like. That being said, I journal a lot, so I think it’s worth it for me. If you want to see if it’s worth it for you, maybe try journal in both a cheap and an expensive one and see if you notice the difference much

Jaylynn U.
No it’s not. I believe that you don’t need an expensive planner/journal; something cheap would be perfectly fine. They will both work the same. And it doesn’t matter how it looks or the cool little features it has. It’s all about what you write in it, so why get an expensive one :/

Priscilla J.
Not necessarily because I don’t think it needs to be expensive or beautiful to work. I guess it might give me more joy to write in an expensive or beautiful journal. I’m not really sure if it would help but I guess it’s worth a shot. I could see how it might make a difference to pick up something beautiful every day

Teya Y.
Absolutely! Planners help keep us accountable for schoolwork, schedules, and other extracurricular activities. It can also help you see what you have to get done, and how you can manage your time so you’re not cramming everything in last minute.

Maggie Z.
Not too expensive but it depends. I love to write a book that calls to me that invites me to journal so that’s a little more expensive than an exercise book. I also love learning from my entries so keeping it is an option for me so I spend a little more money to hold on to it. It feels better in my hands too. So if it’s in the budget I go for one that’s a little more solid and won’t fall apart down the road.

Suzanne U.
I think that with expensive purchases it can either be beneficial or stressful. I think this because the expensive purchase can make you feel forced to write in it or plan you’re day in it because it was expensive, while a cheap one is there and you would be less pressured

Emma Y.
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Sabina E.
I absolutely think it's worth the investment, as long as it's the right one for you. Investments of time in finding the right one for you can include understanding why previous planners may not have worked – sometimes the right planner is one you design yourself, either by hand in bullet journaling or with custom printing.

Priscilla I.
If that one needs to be motivated to write in it then sure. Otherwise it’s a pointless purchase. I for one have does this many times since a kid but was never consistent writing in it. Just ended up with a bunch of journals/planners with few written pages.

Silke C.
I don’t think it needs to be expensive. But a notebook that you can jot down your thoughts is helpful. And as for a planner I use an app to log the things I need to do for the month or week. And I keep a dry erase board calendar in the kitchen so I can visualize what I need to do for the week.

Elizabeth B.
The choice is really up to you, but I would say no. This is only because you could get an single piece of paper, write or draw questions, charts or whatever you want and do it on there. You don’t need to waste your money, but it is easier to write things on the journals or planners- again, all up to you!

Dafne Q.
In my opinion, everything that helps you stay on track and helps you to get things done is worth the money! Planners might sometimes be expensive, but they also help you to be a lot more productive, which in the end results in you earning more money that can be spent on things like a planner!

George Y.
honestly, i like to use an old journal, something that has been forgotten, i love the feeling of bringing back to life something that is no longer to use. sorry for bad english, not from an english-speaking country 🙂

Nancy W.
That depends on whether you are one who values the art of writing. If it’s something you will actually use I would definitely invest in it. Sometimes investing in something nice like that is a great way to encourage the use of it. And I believe writing is beneficial on many levels as compared to using a phone, tablet, or computer. But the downside is not being able to feasibly have it with you at all times like digital items.

Mellow J.
It depends – if you're just starting with journaling, it may be best to try a cheaper one first and see if you like the concept. But if you know you'll use it, a more expensive one might make the task more exciting/feel more like a reward.

ረ ዐ ረ ዐ N.
I don’t think that it matters that much. I have an expensive journal, and to be honest I’m more worried about wasting space or not writing useful info that it takes away from the “journal” part

Regina E.
Of course you are worthy of an expensive journal. A finely crafted book is a delight. A journal can be a fine leather journal or a tattered notepad because the real gem is the time you spend writing.

Caterina N.
It depends on the content. There are also so many free resources available online that it makes it really difficult to justify a high cost.

Thea Z.
No. It has to be a good quality one, but not too expensive, because its on you, how good you can use it. If you have a good system, what works for you, it is perfectly enough.

Robin W.
If it helps you to stick to journaling, sure. For me it was just important that my journal (and pen) look nice so when they're lying around in my room and I look at them it makes me feel good

Victor Z.
I think expensive planner is not necessary. Just regular notebooks and pens are enough for unlimited thoughts to write down.

Timeo E.
I really don't think an expensive journal is needed
Cause what is needed is pages to be filled
With yr planning
And anything you want to put on paper
So even if you take a small diary or even some pages
It will do the work

Majda E.
It depends on your personal finances. If something fancy will make you feel inspired to journal, then by all means get one. However, any journal can suit your needs especially if you do not have the money to splurge on an expensive one. What's important is that you are journaling.

Carsten F.
I think it is. If you get a nice $10 one, I think it’s worth the purchase. I got a gratitude journal for about $8 at TJ Max about gratitude and I absolutely love it! I also have a very nice calendar with water drinking reflections and mood reflections and I enjoy it greatly. I think that it’s a good purchase as long as you use it! Don’t just get a nice one then never use, you’re building a bad habit.

Zoe P.
Yes, with caveats. When I invest in a purchase thoughtfully it creates more of a sense of obligation and if I enjoy writing in the journal then I’m more likely to turn to it and use it. You may think differently

Hailey T.
I personally change/wash my sheets once a week to every two weeks depending on how busy I am. I haven’t noticed any changes in how well I sleep or if my face is breaking out when I change my sheets more often.

Erika X.
i think it matters more what you put in the journal than what the journal is made of. i think if it makes someone feel better to have a fancy journal and it’s going to encourage them to use it, then that’s what they should have. personally, i don’t need an expensive journal. i just want one that reminds me of me and makes me excited to write

Nolhan E.
I think it depends on if a planner or journal helps you. If you wake up and read the journal or planner and follow what you’ve written and do it everyday than definitely go for it and buy an expensive one. If your just starting this habit maybe get a cheaper one in case you don’t follow through.

Anya N.
For me, I use whatever journal I have, it takes a long time to get through it. For planners, yes! I love the Moleskin weekly journals from Chapters/Indigo, with the week on one side to schedule events, and lined paper on the right side for my To-do lists.

Merry F.
I don't really think like you have to buy an expensive one.Well, even you can take just a notebook and you can use it as a planner. But if you say"it needs to be expensive and brand new" than you can. But not necessary.

Tim E.
I think an expensive journal can be important. It depends on what one is journaling. I have several journals. Some are for very private thoughts. A gratitude journal should be worthy. A regular hole punch basic spiral notebook. Is not a good option for me. They will fall apart or pages will become missing. A journal should have a good spine with strong pages. I like to look back on my journaling. I have beautiful journals with different covers some are leather some are cloth some are cardboard. It's important to have something to mark your page like a ribbon built in the book. That's my feelings on journals.

Ahmad Z.
Yes it is, i think that physical copy of your thoughts is way more valuable than some form if digital notes. I encourage buying journals and planners, go for it

Gris N.
Only if it’s something you really want. Probably give it a couple weeks to think about. If you still want it after that time frame go for it.

Eva A.
Yes and no. Buying a journal that makes you want to pick it up and write in it, is worth it. If that means it's expensive then yes, if that means it's a 0.99 journal thats also good!

Holly E.
No, I don’t think so. I would be more inclined to splurge on an app or something. Mostly because my hand hurts when I write, so I’d prefer typing.

Merry F.
If it hleps to start journaling and make you more motivated to write in it i think it's worthy but if it doesn't help then there is no need for buying it

Merry F.
I actually don't use planners so to me, it's just an unnecessary expense in itself, but if that's something that you do and enjoy doing, go for it. It might be nice for you.

Hannah F.
I don't think it's important to have one, especially when you're just starting to learn to write consistently. Start with just a regular notebook and doodle on it as much as you like, as regularly as possible. When you learn how to make the most of something as simple as a blank page, then you can invest in your habit as much as you feel is necessary.

Faviola F.
Not Really. I think there are other ways if you’re on a budget. There’s the notes option on your phone which is also convenient that it’s with you everywhere. An inexpensive journal or article would work just the same. I’ve bought a few expensive planners are really only used tgem for one month

Nickisha Y.
It depends on its quality but personally I don’t buy expensive journals because the cheaper journals are good enough for me

Geane Q.
For me I think times it is easier to get a better overview and see all of the plans ahead in a weekly calendar. Most of the time I just use my phone and set reminders. To me it depends on how much there is to keep track of.

I dont see why it has to be expensive but if that is important to someone else – Why not. 🙂

Mylan T.
Read the part of the book a view times and just keep trying until you can read it out loud bjt not go 2 fast bc they need time to hear the story!📖

Merry F.
No I don’t think that buying a expensive planner is worth it cause you could get a cheap planner to do the same thing but then again it does depend on what you want to use it for so if you are really dedicated to doing something and you know you will use the planner and/ or journal than by all means go and buy it.

Hallie W.
If it’s going to motivate you to use it, yes. I tried that and it didn’t work for me. I actually use an app that reminds me every day. I would love to be the kind of person who can sit down with a lovely journal and a nice pen and drink some tea and write each day. But it just wasn’t what worked for me.

Amelia O.
I think this all depends. I’ve purchased many different types of journals, expensive AND cheap. There are some that I’ve used front to back, and some that are just sitting in shelves collecting dust. I think it’s better to start off with a cheaper journal, but a journal that you can feel happy to write in AND look at. I think a journal that’s visually pleasing is beneficial to making sure you keep up with actually using it. Because if you don’t like looking at your journal, then you wouldn’t feel inclined to pick it up at all! Once you’ve built a habit out of using your journal, then I think that’s the best time to splurge on an expensive one if you want to! That way, journals don’t go to waste.

Baptiste N.
If you want my answer, I honestly think it’s up to you. I know you’re asking me because you want a quick, easy decision, but it depends on how you feel. I simply use an old composition notebook for my journal, but if you think you’ll journal better if you have a nice one, feel free to buy one! Most people aren’t going to judge you based on how your journal looks.

August P.
No I don't, I think journaling is personal. A blank book to doodle if that's your way. A book with questions to inspire your thoughts. Or just a lined composition notebook. I have one of each, haven't decided what I like as yet

Christopher Z.
Not really, unless it is designed in a way that is just what you're looking for or will motivate you to use it. Many notebooks are expensive but I find almost anything will do, even free ones. What I think is important is building the habit. Once you've done that then you can invest in a nice notebook that you can continue to build your habit with.

Melaine S.
Purchasing an expensive journal depends on a person's preference. I'd really suggest you purchase a good quality journal that serves it's purpose because that's all that matters most (the quality & not the price tag)

Rachel Z.
No, it won’t be worth it. Something easy that wouldn’t break your heart if water hits it or a page is dented. Get something you like that’s not too expensive and just right for you.

Rieman N.
Hi! Personally, i really don’t like spending about 5-6 dollars for a planner or a journal when you can either use a free app or use a normal notebook, at the end, you’ll use the “journal” for tracking, goals, writing highlights of the day, etc.. i have an app suggestion if you like, it’s called “notion” you can use it for planning, journaling, and it has many many more features, it’s really easy to use and it’s completely free! You don't need to make a monthly or yearly subscription and you can use it on your phone, iPad and laptop (I’m not sure if it’s available on every laptop but trust me, it’s worth giving it a try!) have a great day/night🤍

Marie Z.
yes! i think an expensive journal/planner will really help you with getting your life back on track and i believe that it is worth it for your mental health:)

Mira U.
They are worthy to use them but not to purchase them. We can make our journal happy and do our plans. Happy to be Me! Love Myself.

Lucy T.
I think that, if you are going to be using it a lot and if having an expensive journal will be beneficial to you (for example if you want a more expensive journal with thicker paper so you can paint into it), then yes i think investing in a nice journal may be a good idea. However, to create a ‘successful’ journal you do not need expensive equipment, it is how you make use of said tools.
Hope this helps 👍

Asha O.
Absolutely! I love leather bindings, beautiful fabric textured binding, and regular covers with vibrant designs… ones that lock with keys, ones that tie with straps or ribbon… ALL worth it!

Martin Z.
I thought about that too, but then i bought quite basic one and i am happy using it 🙂 after all it is about writting in it, so if you feel like it would be nice to get the expensive one, which will motivate you to write in it, then go ahead 🙂 But as i have said – i have the basic journal and i have never missed a day in almost a year.

Eman N.
If you can afford it and it’s within your budget limits so why not it l encourage you to write even more as it’s expensive 😂
But if you can’t afford it so I’m sure that you’re going to turn it to the most important one that you have ever had if you’re into journaling

Bonnie N.
I am almost always on screen. However, when i do not procrastinate in the morning, my day begins and goes one more productively and calm. Same if before sleep i take a book to read instead of watching series or movie

Michelle O.
I like to treat myself to a fancy journal, it helps get the creative juices flowing 🙂 and makes me want to write in it more.

Kristin F.
If it makes you feel good, then yeah! Go for it! If you don’t feel like you’ll gain from it then no, you don’t have to. For me, the feel of the leather bound tome in my hands, written on with a rose pen dipped in fancy vibrant inks … it does something to my mind and I like it. My sis likes the notebook she bought for 98 cents with a cat on it. It’s all about you!

Kalliyan A.
I think journals are a great to express yourself and plan out your days. I am a very routine oriented person, so if your like me I think you should totally check into it! Although there are many planners and journals that are cheap. Cheaper ones work just as well! I got mine for 10 bucks at target.

Mira N.
Depends. If it's that expensive that I don't think it's worth it. Then again, some people feel satisfied whenever they do something that requires an expensive thing, because they feel like the purchase is worth it and that they really are changing. It's up to you honestly.

Datu Y.
To know if it’s really worth it, i think it is always better to ask ourselves why do we want to buy a certain thing in the first place and weigh them according to your goals and your personal considerations. If an expensive journal, as you think it will be, maybe, could have positive impacts on you on a long term basis, I definitely think it’s a good investment, but if it’s not I won’t buy it if it’s just going to be in a corner be covered in dust and never be opened. Know to yourself what is it that you really want and look at it if it’s something that satisfies your deep need and maybe you’ll find a better certain answer. 🙂 Hope the best, good luck!

Juri O.
It’s all up to the user! If you feel that purchasing an expensive planner/journal would aid you in making progress then go for it! But I also know that a simple pencil and notebook would work exactly the same. There are some pretty unique journals on sites such as eBay that I think you should check out! Not only are they affordable, but they’re unique and flashy as well. Hope this helps!

Terrence J.
When it comes to journals and planners, I believe the more the format fits your needs and personality, the more likely you’ll be to use it consistently and boost your productivity. For some people that means more expensive planners, for some it’s a planner from the dollar store, and for others they create their own.

Olivia U.
No I don’t think it is worth the purchase because all you are doing is spending a lot of money for the cover. Getting a journal isn’t about the cover it’s about what you write in it. I won’t spend more than 20 dollars on a journal or planner cause my words are worth more than the paper is

Prisca Q.
If you want to keep track of things you did or will do, yes, it’s worth it i’d say! If you do not want to buy an expensive journal though, there should be an app on your phone, notes! You can use your notes app as a journal, that’s personally what i do since you can put a lock with a password on it and it’s overall more private. But that is all your choice!

Bonnie N.
It definitely is. Even if it can sound like a waste of money and you can just use whatever notebook to have a place where everyone is and looks pretty and organize is also helping to pur eyes to read, review and reflect.

So don't hesitate, choose a nice compact motivating one and rock the year

Rini N.
Yes, I do. I think that having a journal or planner can help a person become more organised and relive them of the stress that comes with being unprepared.

Jaime Z.
It’s only worth spending a lot on a journal or planner if you have the money to spend without consequence. I think it’s more important that you have a journal that you simply…. Like.

Luna N.
If you wish you can purchase but I didn’t saw a reason to purchase so I personally use the free version and it is really helpful if you want to add more tasks (more than 4) you can purchase it.

Alex N.
I suppose it depends. If you already frequently use a journal, then it’s very likely you will continue to use a nicer one and that it will be a good purchase. It also might encourage you to journal if you really enjoy just the journal itself. I find that I alternate between journaling in google docs and physically and enjoy both. Perhaps the expensive journal could be an encouraging reward for sticking to the habit for a specified amount of time in a different journal or elsewhere, but it’s your decision. Then perhaps if you were still journaling in the nice journal for a longer time period, you could feel justified in buying a nice pen to journal with.

Arhontoula N.
No , I don’t think so , except for if you really want to buy one or buy yourself a little present. You can even journal/plan on a piece of paper without making any purchases and spending money.

Vanessa A.
I think no matter how much the journal costs, what matter is what you are pouring into it. Your thoughts, your emotions, your plans. Your mind is rich in all the worthy things you can think about. And I don’t think the cost of the journal matters that much.

Kesly Z.
I don't really like cheap ones. I've been journaling for several years now. I found I stay motivated with a good journal (quality paper, good model), because remember it's gonna be with you for a long while (hopefully). When looking to purchase one, I just connect with one and I buy it no matter the price, sometimes they're cheap and sometimes a bit pricey but still totally worth it.

Jules O.
Sometimes. If it’s something that will help you stick to your goals by getting you excited or motivated to write in it, then yes.

Ethan T.
I am not sure about it, anyways i like to have a journal or a planner . The thing is that it need not to be expensive, even some affordable planners do have a lot of interesting things.

Bonnie N.
Well, if a nice-looking journal can encourage you to write stories every day,
then it would be worth the money to purchase it. It can be inviting and that's the most important. Getting the energy to write because the book itself is gorgeous. I don't see any problems with that.

C Hims Om N.
well it depends on how aesthetically pleasing the journal is i can’t just buy an expensive journal bc i just want to waste memory that’s very stupid
i rather write in a journal that looks beautiful and is comfortable, can’t really explain but yeah

Alexa F.
I don’t think an expensive journal or planner is worth purchasing because in the end it what’s important is what I write down. Not what’s created for me.

Mariam X.
Not at all! Even just some paper would do the trick. I own a little notebook and in my opinion, I think that it doesn't make a difference at all to write in an expensive journal than on regular media paper.

Hailey W.
I believe an expensive journal or planner is a worthy purchase. It technically doesn’t have to be expensive but we all know that today the prettier things are more expensive. My planner and journal mean a lot to me. I want something that I won’t get tired of looking at everyday so I’m inspired to continue my habit of planning and journaling everyday.

Kiara O.
it can we worth it if you use it everyday. mine are somewhat expensive but you don’t need a super nice planner and journal to actually do it

Brianna X.
If you’re going to use it yes! If you aren’t sure, I would go for an expensive journal or planner and buy really nice stickers and pens to make it a more luxurious interaction!

Princess N.
I said no because it’s waste of money instead of u can make ur own journal it s help to increase creativity n self love etc

Quinn F.
I don’t think it’s super necessary because there are plenty of options to journal that are cheap. If you absolutely have to have it then sure but if it’s just for fun it’s not worth it.

Me R.
I don’t think an expensive journal or planner is worth the cost. Get a cheep cute one. Or use a plain notebook and customize it to your liking.

Jaroslav F.
I do think it is worth it but sometimes people who struggle the most and need it the most can’t afford it so they go for a cheaper or free version

Sulfur T.
I would never bother buying a journal more than $15 honestly. The purpose of a journal or a planner is to have something that you can use to vent your thoughts or jot down a schedule – it definitely doesn’t have to look fancy.

Alexandra Q.
I have purchased several expensive planners. The fact that they cost so much is a motivator to use them. As time goes on you learn through trial and error what works for you and your daily routine and what doesn’t. This experience may help you save money in the future.

Juliana C.
I would only buy something more expensive only when I’m a little more experienced in journaling. When you’re just beginning, it’s better not to put a lot of money into it, you’ll do just fine even with cheaper stuff.

Kacey N.
Yeah, I think so. If it encourages you to write, and makes the ritual more enjoyable, then I say it’s worth it. But I don’t have separate journals, like this app suggests. I use one journal for everything.

Madison Q.
I think any planner will work; it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap, whatever works in your budget. I usually buy cheap planners for school, and they help me greatly with school and organization.

Ar S.
No, because I would rather utilize the things I currently have or free things I can find, unless, I am using it constantly for a year and it became part of my routine, and if this planner could cater to most of my planning needs then, I might consider buying it.

Hannah M.
Yes, I believe if you put a lot of effort into the things you write. It will be worth while. Just as you take pride in your looks, you want to dress well so you buy nice clothes. If you really want to devote time for journaling I believe this to be true.

Roselle J.
I think it’s about personal preference, if one feels pressured to buy a expensive journal or planner just because everyone on Pinterest has it when they don’t need it or want it is just not it. On the other hand, if one likes being aesthetic and it motivates them, with the financial abilities I’d say go for it

Joy P.
It could be sure. I think whatever vision someone has for themselves and they seek out the resources they need to achieve then why not. If you think you will be more motivated to use it because it is expensive or something maybe that will be a motivator. Or maybe just investing in yourself in a way that will help you reach your goals. I think it is always depending on the person buying it but I can see it being useful.

Mikol S.
It not depends on the person and the product. If the product was worth the purchase with journaling prompts or inspirational quotes than it is worth more than just the paper. It also depends on the person. If someone had spent the $ on a quality journal than they know they invested in themselves to record and capture their precious memories and thoughts. While if it was just a blank notebook of plain paper, it might just sit on the shelf, but if it was filled with little treasures of wisdom or prompts, it becomes a journey.

Perhaps having each page still sealed together, and the purchaser will need to use a letter opener to reveal the treasure of wisdom or writing prompt or adventure to experience I know I would absolutely purchase something like that.

Peggy Q.
If you want lol I mean you really don't have to. It's written to be held or read by someone else, not to stare at the cover….

Nancy F.
If this is the beginning of a journey that you have tried in the past and failed, I would recommend keeping it simple. You can make it special by what you achieve. You can look forward to purchasing something more rarified when this practice is old hat.

Benedikt C.
No. Planner/journal isn't supposed to be very pretty or expensive and aesthetic. A simple diy one is enough. Writing your thoughts doesn't have to be that pricey I mean come on!

Khalilha U.
Not necessarily, especially if you’re just getting started journaling. I think it’s good to get a cute, simple one that you like and then as you use it you might discover additional features you wished it had, and you can consider treating yourself to a more fancy journal for your next one. I often go for fancy planners then rarely end up using most of the features!

Binker N.
I think all planners do the same thing so what’s the point in spending loads of money. Obviously if you have enough money and want to buy an expensive one, do. I like to make sure I get one that I think looks nice because I find it makes me want to use it more. Hope this helped <3

Merry F.
Not really, it depends on who buys it. An expensive planner does give the idea that I'm being serious, but when I do lose interest, it's just a waste of money. I usually go for something simple and practical that isn't too expensive, so I can stay focused without throwing away money

Elizabeth B.
I think it depends. If it's not something you already know you want to do, then I think it's better to go with a cheaper option. However, if it's something you like to do then I see nothing wrong with getting a more expensive journal. I have a little of both, and both is great in it's own way.

El Na Q.
I think a good quality planner is a great purchase to make. It keeps you accountable for your own schedule and gives you a moment of quiet at the beginning (or end) of your day to plan for the future.
I don’t think an expensive journal is a necessity, unless you personally like journaling in a high quality journal. It’s up to you and your habits!

Amanda F.
If it feels right, then it is. As long as you are not over extending yourself financially & if you intend and will use it having something that you truly are attracted to by either feel, look, or whatever will help in your journey, because you're creating an environment that brings you joy simply because you like it.

Aly N.
If it’s worthy to you. I reflect on the daily question. Also personally. I don’t feel a journal would be as secure as my phone.

Rana Q.
It has not to be expensive , i would suggest a fancy one though , available with a small research online, the best option of search is guided journals and you will have plenty of options to choose from

Nazl Can N.
if you want to buy it then buy it but you can make your own journal/planner with the notebooks you already have. and it will be your personal journal/planner.

The O.
You don’t have to. For me, what matters the most is an efficient one that I can put all what I need or have in mind in it. Sometimes, expensive planners don’t have enough space for your own writings. In the end, just buy one that you find suitable to yo ur own needs.

Ed J.
I believe a journal or planner is a worthy purchase but I don’t think it has to be a particularly expensive one, as long as it looks appealing to you and gets the job done it is perfect. My brain often gets clouded and mixed so I find it so useful to jot things down to help clear my mind and organise my life.

Jackson E.
An expensive journal can be worth the money, I suggest looking good at the functions and layout within the planner. Do you think it would work very good for you? And will help you to improve you time management and your life, then you should buy it. If you Don’t need those parts then a cheaper journal would succeed:) I personally use this app a lot for anxiety, reflection and feelings, and I use a cheap simple planner for time management and life control and a cheap journal for reviewing my day and gratitude

Camille T.
i think that if buying an expensive journal motivates you to journal more, than go for it. but if you would be just as happy and motivated journaling in a dollar store journal, than do it!! save your money!! i’ve gotten journals from the dollar store and i’ve also gotten more expensive journals and i love them all!! it’s less about what the journal looks like and more about what you’re writing in it.

Lou C.
It all depends on the person in my opinion. Some people would like to purchase an expensive journal or planner, others may just use something just as simple as a notebook to record their ideas and how they feel and what not. I’m a simple person. As long as I’m writing down my thoughts, it really doesn’t matter what I use. I could use some toilet paper and organize it in a folder for all I care lol. But in my opinion, use whatever is useful for you. Hope this helps you!

Erik Y.
I personally use a cheap simple notebook, one that I can carry with me in my everyday bag. The minimal style of the notebook keeps me away from visual distractions. So I say go with a notebook that you love, on a budget.

Chris T.
I believe that an expensive planned or journal is not really that worth it, a more cheaper one is preferable, or you can make your own one in one of your spare notebooks

Erdal F.
I think whatever makes you feel organized or comfortable to write in will help you reach a goal or to just stay organized and on task. Writing things down also helps me remember.