When I sit down to write every evening, I never know what to write. What do I write about?

Mitchell P.
If you really don't know what to write just start with a few most stupid sentences that comes to your mind and write them down. Don't stop until you see that words are falling without your thinking.
I hope that it'd work for you^-^
Wish you the best, health, peace, and LOVE♡
Kathy F.
I usually write about my emotions and how I was feeling that day and what I did like if I felt like not hanging out with my friends or hanging out with them because they make me feel good and especially Jyoti 🥺❤️
Sarah I.
You can start with 3 good moments /things that happened in your day – and any bad feelings you feel – or difficult moments in your day , and how can solve the issue / reflect on it