Yes. How do I bring to life from my journal my thoughts and feelings so that I don’t feel I am keeping secrets from loved ones. I feel as though I should be having the conversations I have with my journal with my nearest and dearest?

Ac Rsio P.
You can not rush yourself . First , you have to have your thoughts together in your head before you can share them with anyone else
Kristie C.
Hi there – this is a great question; however, proceed with caution. I understand you want to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with your loved ones but you have to be careful. I would advice you to ponder over those said feelings and thoughts you are having and question if they matter in a year or two from now. Of course, if someone offended you and you cannot move past that offense, address it with the person. However, if I totally misunderstood your question and your feelings are all positive, you should share them – ALWAYS! Do it slowly, let them know how much you love them and what specifics you appreciate so those actions can be amplified. I hope I could help 😊
Alexa E.
If our love/concern for someone is high, ( regarding deep thoughts ) it definitely may feel difficult to overcome pressure, and if not that, inaction. Our relationships with others is something we must exercise, for example, your body or a trade. You get better with it over time and effort, and even the littlest change one day, if done many more, can build momentum. Others will see the effort, and that is what matters. To cap things off, I advise approaching the start of your efforts from an objective standpoint; observe behaviors and habits as information to work with, and just for now, nothing more.
Alfred S.
After you type a thought down it should give you the opportunity to show if that is how you actually feel, or if that is just a thought based off of a certain emotion. If it is something that you feel you need to share then try to bring it up casually in conversation if possible
Andres Z.
It's great to hear about people really discovering themselves through journaling. I would try to teach someone how to journal then talk about your experience and discoveries.
Kylie B.
Maybe just think about what you wrote in your journal and sit down with someone and explain how you would like to be more open and would like to have an open relationship, they explain their feelings, you explain yours.
Rachel Z.
Well the best way to share anything you write in your journal would be to either read aloud choice sections if it's a private entry or let your support team read any entries you wish to share. Give them time to process any difficult information when needed but simply have a conversation with them about how you plan to adress any hot topics or let them offer any advice they have. Sometimes it's not about the conversation as much as it is just sharing your heart and being heard. Sometimes you can actually solve your own problems just by hearing them spoken out loud rather than trying to process through any filters in your own thinking. Just share what you feel like is too hard to process alone. Always best to keep your support team in the loop on your mental status so they can help when you need them.
Best Regards,
Rachel M
Alessandro P.
If you feel like you're not telling something to someone you love just do! I know it can be difficult but that's why having a journal. You can understand yourself better and then tell what you usually ignore to the person involved. You will feel better and lighter