Have your shared deepest thoughts & secret in your – journal ?

Juli O S.
I would say that this is the purpose of a journal – to be a tool for the journey to yourself. Not being honest or avoiding mentioning stuff it might not help you. I’m looking at journaling as a written conversation with my dearest friend, myself. Hope this helps!
Frederikke Z.
yes, not at first, but after i moved from a notebook to a fingerprint protected diary app, i felt more confident to let out even the meanest, darkest, cutest, lamest, crybaby thought, and i feel better.
Clara E.
yes definitely! it seems to relive all of my stress once i write down all of my problems and thoughts. just make sure that you keep it in a safe spot 😊💕
Greg N.
Yes I try to do that in the most verbose way possible. But it's not easy most of the time; because the deepest thoughts are very difficult to comprehend. But once it's done, you feel much better. Try posting pictures to illustrate. It is very effective.