Are the things you write in your journal mostly positive?

Frida S.
It depends on my day. When I had a bad day, I write about all the bad things that happened and vice versa. Sometimes my page is filled with positive things only! And… sometimes the pages are filled with negative only. But writing about it is therapeutic and it doesn't always have to be positive. BUT! At the end of every journal entry, I write down my Daily Five Good Things. It always has the same structure: 1. Today's highlight

2. Someone I helped/A favor or nice thing I did for someone today

3. Someone who helped me or did something nice for me

4. Something I learned today

5. Gratefulness

When I wrote these things down, I sketch some hearts or something related to my day on the same page. Then I mark all the keywords of all five points I just listed. There is always something positive, no matter how bad the day might be!

The R.
No, to be honest. I keep a lot of the darker stuff to myself, instead of sharing it with other people, so it's nice to be able to have a place to say what's on my mind. I try to put happy stuff in there every once in a while, to remind myself to be grateful for life's offerings and opportunities, but it's definitely not always sunshine in my pages.
Henry Y.
I write down what I was felling at that moment and the more emotions I felt the more I will describe what I was feeling