Do you use an actual notebook or an app/application?

Gusti F.
I use an actual notebook. I find it slower than typing with a keyboard so that I think about what I’m saying more. Handwriting my thoughts is also more coordinated and simple than typing on my phone.
Tony Z.
I use a real notebook for journaling. It’s got a soft, somewhat padded and embellished cover. Not only is it nice to write in, but it’s great sensory stimulation just holding it.
Marit G.
Honestly both, when starting a new ritual I always use a new journal until I am sure about why and the purpose of the journal. When the journey is over, I often switch over to an app since I prefer the backup feature of the app. As long as it is written whether via paper journal or app, I feel I get the same effect from the concept. Only you can tell which method works best for you.
Priska U.
I like to use notebooks for my random self inquiry’s. Buyback then I type on the computer if I am wanting to write an in-depth journal entry