How do you feel after writing down how your feeling

Korina W.
I feel realived, less stressed and more organized as far as my thoughts , then I also get to validate my feelings. I do tend to over think and over react so that’s help with that part as well

Berfu L.
Better!! I'm surprised by this every time as I have only been journaling for about two months, but every time I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I write down my feelings and I just feel more relaxed instantly. It really does help!

Kenzi Q.
I feel more like whatever I’m feeling, and if I am so pushed to write it, it’s usually bad feelings. So for me, writing only makes it more concrete, and then I can’t convince myself it was fleeting and get over it. So personally, I don’t like writing what I’m currently feeling. I write what I WISH I was feeling, and it only helps that much more to make me feel better and happier.

Douglas B.
Veel beter, ik voel me opgelucht en kan met een gerust hartje gaan slapen omdat ik alle zorgen achter me laat. Ik moet het meer doen!

Abby S.
Inspired, I feel energized. I wish I felt like this in the beginning of the year.. including the beginning before I took the ACT..

Jeff T.
I don’t know I mean if im focusing on something good I usually feel good afterwards. But if I’m focusing on something nagitive then I feel like it’s good to get it off my chest but then I also feel like I’m thinking about it too much

Riley T.
After I write down how I am feeling, it makes me feel content with myself and more aware of what parts of my day have created these feelings and how I can maintain or stray from these feelings.

Marion X.
A bit more empty of negative thoughts and fulfilled of serenity, hope, and strength. I raise awareness of myself, making several reflections on what I'm good at, and what I want to change to be the best version of myself 🙂

Rachel Q.
That definitely depends on what I’m journaling about that day. Today I wrote some kind words about myself so I feel good & like I accomplished something small. The other day I wrote about my childhood & after that I felt frustrated but at least I got it out on paper. So it still felt like I at the very least accomplished something small.

Berfu L.
I feel relief because I can know I still have a way of expressing my emotions. Is that clear?idk if I explained myself well.. but I’m not good at talking about my emotions and writing them down is a better option for me. My trust issues prevented me from doing it for so long so it feels good to be doing it again.

Dea M.
I feel like i was talking to someone for example : my mom i get a really good feelings in my body and it relaxes me a lot!

Emilie W.
I’m feeling good today. I started my day by drinking water first thing and then I’ve done a 15mins yoga, and finally prepared a nutritious breakfast✨

Wendy E.
I feel relived because a lot of times I don't tell people how I feel and I keep it bottled up but writing my feelings down makes me feel like I got something off my chest and I won't be judged from anyone about how I feel

Theobald M.
I feel better, I feel less sad than I was. It helps me feel calm, it's easier to let my feelings out that way instead of speaking them. But I feel better after writing them down.

Christopher Z.
I like the prompts. They help to have a subject to write about. I usually feel pretty good after writing. I just started and would like to write more and on another platform, like a blog instead, but this is a good start. That's the good thing about this app. It helps you build habits and momentum to get you going.

Abby S.
I always feel good and its like once i have wrote me feelings down its like a big weight of things on my mine have bern lifted off and i can relax

Katie E.
I honestly hate writing but it helps me so much to calm myself down. I write my thoughts and feelings, what triggered those emotions, how am I hamdeling it and what have I learnt so far. It can be quite difficult for me to write it down, so I dont do it often but only when Im overwhelmed to the point where I think nobody else would understand the emotion.

Konstanze F.
I feel much better. This is due to the fact that I was able to get what I was feeling off my mind. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to someone about your feelings, writing can help express it. I’ve written what I’ve felt and drawn what I felt. It all depends on what helps you :).

Maria O.
I personally find it kind of hard to express my own feelings as I’ve been holding them in for as long as I can remember, but it gives me a sense of freedom. If the journal here doesn’t work, I’ll open notion (my own kind of journal related thingy) and do a braindump. It can sometimes be kind of hard to start out, but once I’m in it, I keep writing until all of my feelings and worries are written down (or until I’m bored and it feels wrong).

Aurore Q.
I always had struggled with understanding my emotions. So, being asked to write them down has definitely helped me push forward. I’m feeling hopeful. Because I know I will be the real me after this journey.

Silke P.
Relieve. I dont need anybody to know how I feel, except for me. Being able to write my feelings down means I truly know what I want and need

Nicole W.
I feel refreshed and that I have more clarity about how I process things and respond to my feelings. It gives me a change to relieve my brain from all the racing and it gives me a safe space to truly write down how I feel

Berfu L.
At first i feel like i have to go through it again and judge my feelings and look back at what made me feel like that. Sometimes i do that and then i feel a bit overwhelmed and when i realise what caused which feeling i feel relieved. Sometimes I don't and let it go and my heart and mind feel lighter and not clouded

Lou E.
Sometimes it feels pointless because I don’t know what to write but once I get flowing and get the words out it feels much better. It’s relieving to just get things off your chest most of the time.

Gabrielle T.
I feel relieved. I have an open mindset. I look deeper into the situation of why I am focusing on myself. I realize why I am doing this and who I am doing this for.

Kerroumi N.
I feel awake. Not sure if that makes any sense but whenever I jolt down my feeling I feel like I’m present. I am up and I’m awake

Max T.
I feel like I don’t have to rush as much while I’m writing. When I just let my consciousness flow through a pen, it’s as if all of my worries are trivial. I can see all my worries and dreams as if I was watching people from a hot air balloon, little specks. It lets me feel out what I want, what I truly want. I can see myself and all that I am. Most importantly, I know that I’m leaving a reference for my future self to look back on and understand where they have come from. It is reassuring to know I will be remembered by the most important person in my life, me.

Wendy E.
I feel Wrong, is like when a do something for me or other person is not enough, I'm not enough for the word.
I want be here and a don't feel the people want me here.
Think about my feelings is like look to the sky in a ranin day and search for a star, you don't find and you be frustrating

Arumita A.
It feels refreshing. All the clutter and thoughts in my head from the whole day, writing it down helps me control them and understand myself better.

Michael N.
I feel like i’m getting to know a person i’ve never talked to before. Every time i write how i’m feeling its as if i'm unlocking new emotions as I write.

Joless N.
i like it because it helps me keeping a mental balance, i can think slowly and focus on my thoughts instead of let them take control of me and make me feel sad or panicked. also, if i feel bad and i write it, i decided to add some encouragement thoughts

Emily P.
I havent written down how ive felt in years but it used to make me feel like i was writing someone a not or ketter who was actually listening to me n it didnt say anything back because its a notebook, but it was very comforting.

Divya F.
It feels light and better and if I was thinking something negative then writing down my thoughts makes me aware of my emotions and feelings , writing gives me a reflection of how I’m feeling and that helps me in many ways . Once I’m aware that I was thinking negative I replace my negative thoughts with positivity and if I’m feeling down I motivate myself to do something good for myself ……writing your thoughts or journaling are one of the best ways to self care

Abby S.
It allows me time to gather and put down all of my thoughts in one place at one time so that I can almost get a detached perspective and ask myself important questions. Like if I’m not happy with a situation, what can I do to change it. Or if I’m crushing a goal, what can I do to keep me motivated etc

Annegrete E.
Thismorning, I feel okay. Im somewhat anxious. I wanna do so many things but I have to learn to pace myself as well as time.

Em N.
it depends. sometimes i feel relieved, sometimes i feel the same as before, sometimes i feel numb. it’s really difficult to know how you’re feeling sometimes, especially when we know we’re hurting but we don’t know why. in the end it will all make sense i’m sure, it’s just these days that we need to get through.

Fares P.
Its like I imagine my entire feeling process and write each emotion I can think of… Makes me feel at peace even if the day was sadly very unproductive

Sydney R.
I feel more open. A lot of times I am holding onto something that I didn't know I was harboring. When I mark out time for me to write in my journal, it forces me to reflect and decompress BEFORE I have all of these pent up feelings

Isabelle G.
It loads off all the strain in the thinking process in my head. Once I write things down I tend to act less impulsively.

Dorota P.
I used to write as Im copywriter. This is natural for me. I try to take a notes here in english instead in my language. Notes work better for me then a long stories.
Notes from dach day.

Abby S.
I feel confident about my thoughts and actions, helps me to understand better my situation and let me focus on my goals

Christel D.
I realize by taking the time to write about my feelings makes me reflect on the day. This makes me more aware of myself and what I actually have been feeling.
I am getting to know myself better. Taking time to understand what is stopping me from sound certain tasks. Getting to know my self . Sometimes not an easy journey but I appreciate the insight. Do I really know myself??

Jess Z.
Any anger, sadness or exciting events will now calm down and allow me the time to rationalise my feelings and contemplate on the events. I will get over it eventually, if its my fault or my hardwork paying off, i look within myself. If its the fault or the hardwork or others and I just got lucky or unfortunate, i just let go of it. Its not within my control.

Ritthy W.
I feel my innerself(my heart, my feelings, my shadows & etc) let to represent itself , it's like bring it back to my life

Serpil A.
Typing/writing down your feelings gives you time to process what those feelings are. You don’t have to know what you are feeling or what you want to say when you start writing, you’ll find your feelings on the way.

Rasmus N.
Writing down your feelings is like making yourself vulnerable and it is better to open in front of some white sheets, than a person who can use them against you. So, for an answer, I would say it is relaxing as you can pour everything, you are feeling, out and feel like a little burden is less now. The plus point is you don't have to care what people say and how they judge you.

Dora I.
This is gonna sound weird but if you write down what your feeling it’s like your telling somebody. And they can help you feel more that or less that. I have only been doing it for like three days though.

Randy J.
I feel amazing, expressive, young, joyful, ready to make my words count, to give meaning and action to everything I wrote. I wrote from my heart so I have this sense of truthfulness and feel in touch with my true being, with my soul and my intentions feel more real than ever.

Terezka N.
I feel more free. Its like, I feel like writing about something thats stressing me or about literally anything heavy is making me more free

Abby S.
I feel that I absorb my feelings more, when I write them I find solutions most of the time if these feelings are negative or even writing them makes me feel better than sharing these feelings with someone, and also writing positive feelings makes me feel the value of these feelings more

David Z.
Well after writing down what I’m feeling I kind of feel neutral, because I can think about that feeling and how to affecting me almost as if I’m talking to somebody else instead of me. If that makes any sense. It helps me reflect and see unbiasedly how I feel and then choose to move forward from there.

Sofia Z.
It gives me a boost. I can look back at the things I have accomplished. It gives me a better understanding of how I am utilizing my time, how I can change. If I am constantly feeling down it sometimes gives me a few things that could be the cause. It also gives me a grater sense of perpose.

Berfu L.
The feeling of calmness and emptiness because if i have a bad feeling when i write that feeling and explain the reasons i calm down and in fact i am mare aware of that feeling so i can get rid of it more easily and I don't have that confusion

Abby S.
I feel much more at ease. I feel less tense because I got the emotion i’ve kept in out into something else. I heard burning or getting rid of those things are good but I keep mine. I like to reflect and make something out of those emotions.

Apar Cio W.
Saya sangat bahagia selepas saya dapat menghargai perasaan diri saya, saya dapat kawal otak saya.and saya rasa sangat bersyukur….im reallyyyy happy…

Carmelo C.
Sometimes relaxed sometimes confused, depends on how much thinking through and processing I managed to get through whilst writing.

Patric B.
Here’s the thing. I think it does help in a sense and is very good if I’m in the mood for it. Otherwise, it can be draining to write allll my feelings down.

Justin W.
It is nice to write down what you’re feeling every day, so at the end of this journey I can reflect on the troubles I have faced and the successes I have achieved.

Nat Lie Z.
It feels like a relief like i can replay all day in y head and teel how i felt and how i feel now. Its like someone cared about me and that someone is me. Its also kinda private to me, like, my feelings you know. I am not telling anyone so writing about it makes me feel good and its like self-exploring myself but still i am not good enough at it

Aaliyah W.
It feels nice, refreshing. Whenever I’m upset I like to vent, my first instinct is to go to my mum and vent, however this always goes south cause whenever my mum disagrees with something, she has to state her opinion which stresses me out. I understand she has opinions, but I find it unfair that I shut up and listen when she complains about stuff, but she can’t do the the same for me. So why did I bring this up? Well, the point I’m trying to make is that I’m unable to vent to people about my feelings, so writing my feelings down is the next best thing

Linh N.
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Nic Sio S.
Mi sembra di avere più chiaro gli obiettivi, come vorrei essere e cosa voglio. Rifletto e mi focalizzo meglio sul traguardo ma anche sugli step intermedi

Berfu L.
I Feel a lot better after I get it out what I feel actually. Most of the time I don't let it out as I don't want to step on people's toes. As people have less understanding power and more firing power.

Abby S.
İçimi döktüğüm için daha rahat hissediyorum daha mutlu daha pozitif ama günlük tutmayı sevmem onun yerine genelde gerçekten fazlaca güvendiğim iki arkadaşım hatta akrabama anlatırim o zaman daha iyi oliyor

Alishba N.
I feel proud of myself. Because I actually took the time to write down how I feel and my emotions and everything. I feel happy. Because I am working towards becoming a better version of myself, and my writing down how I’m feeling helps me with my journey to become better. I want to become better and shock ppl with my results.

Estefani O.
I honestly much more better, I feel like I don’t have a weight on my shoulders anymore. Doing this allows me to not bottle up my feelings but instead to express them.

Gamaliel Q.
I feel relieved. Writing to me is like pouring out everything I feel into my journal and emptying myself in the process.

Dan O.
I feel like this is just what I need, because it can be hard sometimes to get all my feelings out. After these days I’ve been having I just need to let it all go and this is helping me do it. I hope that everyone can say the same!

Rosinete S.
It feels great! It’s like a therapist but I’m not scared to tell it anything. And after I write when I feel better I can go back and reflect of off it.

Mikhail J.
How im feeling? I’m not sure I think I’m just waking up. My boyfriend by my side I hate when he breathes on my, I hate the smell of breath 😒. I woke up earlier but I decided to sleep a little more. And I’m lazy to do breakfast. Overall I think I’m feeling good. Just normal, not sad, not happy just neutral. Is that ok?

Aurelino E.
It’s a hard thing for me to do. I have never been the person who journals like no sister. I have been the person that shys away from their own emotions and shoves them down to cope. But through therapy, I have learnt that I need to be one with them. I need to face them head on in order to overcome them. I have improved at being able to name and confront my emotions but I believe journaling will allow me to be more reflective and push me to really be with my emotions in a comfortable way.

Traci E.
I feel great. I feel like writing it down solidifies it, and makes it more real. It also helps me to stick with what I say and hold me accountable.

Amy O.
Empowered. I feel as if I have another side of me that believes in everything I do and remonstrates the part of my brain telling me I can’t do this.

Clarice N.
I feel like writing it down makes me understand my feelings, but reading it out loud makes a huge difference. If you decide to write your feelings down, take your time, think about how you really feel and write down every thought that comes to mind.

Carla Y.
Writing things down sometimes gives your mind an idea that there is a contract that you’re making with yourself. It also gives you a chance to reference a point in time.
So therefore it will be a look into your perspective maybe the next day or a month from that day.

William G.
I don't entirely write down my feelings in my journal, rather I have a tracker to rate my mood in on a scale of 1 to 10. Even so, stopping to check in on my feelings and consider and evaluate them helps me to ground myself if I was feeling overwhelmed that day. It's a gentle sort of acknowledgement that lets my mind move on.

Mabel J.
I’m feeling very great after it. It’s like I’ve clean correctly all the thoughts in my head and then I can walk to my goal

Nicole C.
Depending on what I write I can either feel relieved or overwhelmed. If I’m getting something off my chest, it’s relieving, but if I’m working through something seeing it on paper can overwhelm me.

Abby S.
When I write down my feelings I let go of them. I'm no longer holding onto them and trying to internally analyse them. This gives me more space to do other things and focus on other things.

Laura N.
Avižų košė su įvairiais pagardais, smoothie, krpti kiaušiniai su daržovėmis, traputisar tamsi duona su avokadu, mocarela, sėklomis

Burkhard X.
Relieved and then nervous. I am happy i got it out but then I am nervous someone will read it. I guess I am very private with my feelings and thoughts especially my brutally honest ones and i never want to be the source of someone else's pain

Eva Z.
It truly helps me a lot… when it comes to my emotions, i can never express it with words, but whenever I pick up a pen and a book, the words flow out perfectly

Ace N.
i feel the same i guess? maybe more self aware. i don’t think about my feelings every second unless i’m feeling low or great, so that gives me time to think about it and be in the moment

Berfu L.
I feel fresh/free. When I fell alone I usually don’t have anyone to talk to, but now that I have this app my emotions are gladly spoken.

Jana 145 N.
Writing down your feelings is more like expressing your emotions with no fear of being exposed or judged from someone else , plus you get the chance to burn or rip it and no one will ever know how you felt 👀 ( not that you should keep your pain to yourself) but sometimes only YOU can understand what your feeling is . Hope this helps 🌷

Jennifer G.
I feel better on reflection on myself it really gives me time to think about life and the imagery I want to be I think all the time“how can I look better” or am I pretty enough but now I know that The only thing that counts is your personality.

Garai Y.
I feel much Better. Like, i can summon my day and think through all of my motions, and Then i realize, my main moving thoughts through the day, were connected with the daily motivation. My feelings are quite dizzy nowadays, so it is a really useful habit to do, to increase and sort them.

San G.
after writing down how i’m feeling, i usually want to change my mood. i’m always feeling tired and sore in the mornings so that’s what i write. writing this motivates me to take action to feel better.

Todd U.
It’s weird to me because I’ve never done it before. I’m not sure How I exactly feel but it kind of feels good I suppose. I get scared to tell my feelings sometimes but this is an interesting take on it. It’s like I just type what I’m thinking without any restrictions for myself to hide how I truly feel.

Aaron T.
I felt very relaxed. Waking up made me feel tense and I didn’t even want to make an effort writing into the journal, but then I turned my emotions inwards to release that negative energy and overall felt much better after that.

Abby S.
I feel a lot better knowing that I know how I'm feeling, some people just feel weird and don't know what they're experimenting. For me that's the worst feeling ever.

Maja W.
Well, I've been having a rough couple of days, and when I came across this app today, it just spoke to me, and I took it.

Writing down how I feel today has helped me relax mentally and not feel as stressed out.

Texting this right now is actually helping me so much, and I can't help but be happy so far.

I've done so much today that I usually wouldn't have done in the morning, and I feel like I have a supportive friend helping me throughout my day.

Frederik W.
I feel like admitting situations and soul states that must recover. Or… it is like I want to disagree with what plays the smart! Haha! Poor me…

Beverley O.
It's hard to say what I feel but when I write I have more time to think and I can choose the best words to show my feelings so it's good

Stephanie G.
Molto meglio, più carica ed energica. Come prima cosa mi soffermo maggiormente a pensare a me stessa, ai miei sentimenti, emozioni, paure e perplessità. Faccio piu spontaneamente e automaticamente un'analisi della mia giornata, individuando cosa ha funzionato e cosa no, ed impostando una riflessione su come potrebbero andare meglio le cose la prossima volta, cosa sarebbe opportuno modificare. Infine, mi aiuta ad essere piu grata, a vedere quante meraviglie ci sono nella mia vita, ad accoglierle e apprezzarle.

Tess Y.
After I write down how I feel, I often feel more strongly that way. It’s almost as if writing it down has clarified it and made me believe it more. I suppose that’s why you write down things that you want to get done, it makes it more believable. And maybe that has something to do with how you speak to yourself. If you speak to yourself positively, it will be more believable. I’m not sure, but that’s what’s on my mind.

Sabrina J.
I would rather work out and write down 3 things I’m grateful for each day than write down how I am feeling. I analyze too much and then I stress over if I could change the situation to make it better. If I can’t then I process how it could affect other peoples lives instead of being grateful in the moment that person was in my life for a reason. I should have made a to do list to move on and start my day. 3 things to be great fun for will be more motivating in the future instead of changing the past and worrying when it’s already been done.

Annika Y.
Writing for me has been a cathartic form of introspection. It helps me to empty my mind complete my thoughts. I’m able to notice my own unique perspective. I’ve always liked writing and feel proud when I’m done.

Ph Ng O.
I feel like I am in love with this life and other people around me. I can easily realize kindness of everyone and accept their imperfection

Marion C.
I feel like I let all my emotions and thoughts out on the paper, and I am able to not think about them as much and go back to focusing.

Br S S.
i feel like i have let go pressure from my self and let a piece of myself go. it’s almost like it’s a new start bc i threw the other feelings away if that makes any sense.

Dennis Y.
I feel much free and light and sometime,s its relese the steam out of me and give an answer also it give a base to great story and worm artical
Writing is medicne and a call to new you

Armand T.
Sometimes it makes me feel better, but other times it makes me feel worse as I am reflecting on my worst/most uncomfortable thoughts.

Efrosini P.
Most of the times overwhelmed and sometimes I might tear while I write everything I feel down . As a person I always struggled to admit my feelings even to myself. Writing down what you feel is like making a step forward through healing , is hard sometimes and harsh but in the end is what is best for you . Building up a wall full of unspoken emotions is just going to make you explode and then losing every piece of you ..! Every person on this planet is unique beautiful and deserve to be happy so to conclude writing down what you feel is not an easy task and it brings many emotions but is worth it .

Daddy Q.
Feels good but sometimes I need to write down more till I understand why I feel like that or it feels like a unanswered question

Susanne U.
**how you’re (abbreviation) feeling**
**your (possessive) feelings matter** please correct to better guide our younger users 😉 .. After writing in my journal it feels like I’ve unloaded some mental weights and gained some perspective on my life. It always cheers me up as I cheer myself up in my journal by being grateful and highlighting the nicer things that’s happened in the past days/weeks/months if I’ve forgotten! It’s like writing a letter to yourself. Sure, tough matters will come up up of course and it’s good to formulate proper sentences to write down your anger or frustration as it will help objectify the matter.. a very healthy practice. I always end it in a loving tone like I’m saying goodbye to a friend afterward they confide in you. A good way to self-love!

Glenda W.
After I write down how I am feeling, I feel almost refreshed in a way like a weight has been lifted off of myself because I do not have to just sit there with my thoughts wondering how I feel anymore. If I just write how I truly feel in the moment using my intuition then it feels a lot better to have it out there in some form of expression rather than just inside myself.

Iam Goddessnatty E.
I feel great I am about to understand my feelings and actions more there I can’t go back to reflect and get better solutions