How do you feel after writing down how your feeling

Korina W.
I feel realived, less stressed and more organized as far as my thoughts , then I also get to validate my feelings. I do tend to over think and over react so that’s help with that part as well

Berfu L.
Better!! I'm surprised by this every time as I have only been journaling for about two months, but every time I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I write down my feelings and I just feel more relaxed instantly. It really does help!

Berfu L.
I feel relief because I can know I still have a way of expressing my emotions. Is that clear?idk if I explained myself well.. but I’m not good at talking about my emotions and writing them down is a better option for me. My trust issues prevented me from doing it for so long so it feels good to be doing it again.

Christopher Z.
I like the prompts. They help to have a subject to write about. I usually feel pretty good after writing. I just started and would like to write more and on another platform, like a blog instead, but this is a good start. That's the good thing about this app. It helps you build habits and momentum to get you going.

Maria O.
I personally find it kind of hard to express my own feelings as I’ve been holding them in for as long as I can remember, but it gives me a sense of freedom. If the journal here doesn’t work, I’ll open notion (my own kind of journal related thingy) and do a braindump. It can sometimes be kind of hard to start out, but once I’m in it, I keep writing until all of my feelings and worries are written down (or until I’m bored and it feels wrong).

Berfu L.
At first i feel like i have to go through it again and judge my feelings and look back at what made me feel like that. Sometimes i do that and then i feel a bit overwhelmed and when i realise what caused which feeling i feel relieved. Sometimes I don't and let it go and my heart and mind feel lighter and not clouded

Christel D.
I realize by taking the time to write about my feelings makes me reflect on the day. This makes me more aware of myself and what I actually have been feeling.
I am getting to know myself better. Taking time to understand what is stopping me from sound certain tasks. Getting to know my self . Sometimes not an easy journey but I appreciate the insight. Do I really know myself??

Berfu L.
The feeling of calmness and emptiness because if i have a bad feeling when i write that feeling and explain the reasons i calm down and in fact i am mare aware of that feeling so i can get rid of it more easily and I don't have that confusion

Carmelo C.
Sometimes relaxed sometimes confused, depends on how much thinking through and processing I managed to get through whilst writing.

Berfu L.
I Feel a lot better after I get it out what I feel actually. Most of the time I don't let it out as I don't want to step on people's toes. As people have less understanding power and more firing power.

Dan O.
I feel like this is just what I need, because it can be hard sometimes to get all my feelings out. After these days I’ve been having I just need to let it all go and this is helping me do it. I hope that everyone can say the same!

Carla Y.
Writing things down sometimes gives your mind an idea that there is a contract that you’re making with yourself. It also gives you a chance to reference a point in time.
So therefore it will be a look into your perspective maybe the next day or a month from that day.

Nicole C.
Depending on what I write I can either feel relieved or overwhelmed. If I’m getting something off my chest, it’s relieving, but if I’m working through something seeing it on paper can overwhelm me.

Laura N.
Avižų košė su įvairiais pagardais, smoothie, krpti kiaušiniai su daržovėmis, traputisar tamsi duona su avokadu, mocarela, sėklomis

Berfu L.
I feel fresh/free. When I fell alone I usually don’t have anyone to talk to, but now that I have this app my emotions are gladly spoken.

Jana 145 N.
Writing down your feelings is more like expressing your emotions with no fear of being exposed or judged from someone else , plus you get the chance to burn or rip it and no one will ever know how you felt 👀 ( not that you should keep your pain to yourself) but sometimes only YOU can understand what your feeling is . Hope this helps 🌷

Todd U.
It’s weird to me because I’ve never done it before. I’m not sure How I exactly feel but it kind of feels good I suppose. I get scared to tell my feelings sometimes but this is an interesting take on it. It’s like I just type what I’m thinking without any restrictions for myself to hide how I truly feel.

Stephanie G.
Molto meglio, più carica ed energica. Come prima cosa mi soffermo maggiormente a pensare a me stessa, ai miei sentimenti, emozioni, paure e perplessità. Faccio piu spontaneamente e automaticamente un'analisi della mia giornata, individuando cosa ha funzionato e cosa no, ed impostando una riflessione su come potrebbero andare meglio le cose la prossima volta, cosa sarebbe opportuno modificare. Infine, mi aiuta ad essere piu grata, a vedere quante meraviglie ci sono nella mia vita, ad accoglierle e apprezzarle.

Annika Y.
Writing for me has been a cathartic form of introspection. It helps me to empty my mind complete my thoughts. I’m able to notice my own unique perspective. I’ve always liked writing and feel proud when I’m done.

Ph Ng O.
I feel like I am in love with this life and other people around me. I can easily realize kindness of everyone and accept their imperfection

Marion X.
A bit more empty of negative thoughts and fulfilled of serenity, hope, and strength. I raise awareness of myself, making several reflections on what I'm good at, and what I want to change to be the best version of myself 🙂

Wendy E.
I feel relived because a lot of times I don't tell people how I feel and I keep it bottled up but writing my feelings down makes me feel like I got something off my chest and I won't be judged from anyone about how I feel

Emily P.
I havent written down how ive felt in years but it used to make me feel like i was writing someone a not or ketter who was actually listening to me n it didnt say anything back because its a notebook, but it was very comforting.

Jess Z.
Any anger, sadness or exciting events will now calm down and allow me the time to rationalise my feelings and contemplate on the events. I will get over it eventually, if its my fault or my hardwork paying off, i look within myself. If its the fault or the hardwork or others and I just got lucky or unfortunate, i just let go of it. Its not within my control.

Ritthy W.
I feel my innerself(my heart, my feelings, my shadows & etc) let to represent itself , it's like bring it back to my life

Rasmus N.
Writing down your feelings is like making yourself vulnerable and it is better to open in front of some white sheets, than a person who can use them against you. So, for an answer, I would say it is relaxing as you can pour everything, you are feeling, out and feel like a little burden is less now. The plus point is you don't have to care what people say and how they judge you.

Nic Sio S.
Mi sembra di avere più chiaro gli obiettivi, come vorrei essere e cosa voglio. Rifletto e mi focalizzo meglio sul traguardo ma anche sugli step intermedi

Gamaliel Q.
I feel relieved. Writing to me is like pouring out everything I feel into my journal and emptying myself in the process.

Rosinete S.
It feels great! It’s like a therapist but I’m not scared to tell it anything. And after I write when I feel better I can go back and reflect of off it.

Burkhard X.
Relieved and then nervous. I am happy i got it out but then I am nervous someone will read it. I guess I am very private with my feelings and thoughts especially my brutally honest ones and i never want to be the source of someone else's pain

Beverley O.
It's hard to say what I feel but when I write I have more time to think and I can choose the best words to show my feelings so it's good

Marion C.
I feel like I let all my emotions and thoughts out on the paper, and I am able to not think about them as much and go back to focusing.