Some days I find my journals more of an obligation than opportunity. How can I change that?

Kelly T.
I often use this journal as a form of self reflection. I would suggest spending one minute time to think about the questions you still have in life. If you struggle with that, below are a few questions that I have recently had to answer myself.
What goals do you have? Do you want them? Why or why not? If not goals, then what brings tomorrow?

Imagine a perfect world where you could rest in complete bliss. What would have to change for you to pick up a sword and fight to keep?

Adasa Q.
Right more. Pick up a pen and paper and just sit there and think I have a little music wine whatever you need to get your mind started and write everything down
Christine Z.
Sometimes I don’t think about writing in my journal, but I just go and sit at my desk…and I just sit there for a few minutes…my journal is right there…waiting
Chanda X.
Well sometimes I draw a smile 😃 next to things I am happy with also I like to put my todo list in my journal and seeing all them ticks makes me feel better that I have done most or all of the things I set out for this day sometimes I plan in the morning sometimes the day before
Nivalda Q.
I can change it by making it a habit. The more I do it the more it becomes easier to acknowledge and complete. Not being to hard on myself, plus feeling free to write down anything small details about the interactions with my family and how I felt after. Which is mainly good because that’s my main emotion with them.
Claudirene Q.
That’s so true! I believe it’s inevitable, everyone has some not inspired days, the important thing is just keep doing it, keep thinking about you life and your future.
Fatima N.
Waiting for a result in long-term is so bored because of that you find the journal more of an obligation. Give yourself a celebration time by time in sort-term. For example, when you do the habits for 5 days continuously, give yourself a favorite ice cream or piece of cake.
Katrina N.
Some days it may feel like an obligation and your right , you know it’s good for you even though you don’t feel like doing it, you still do it.
U could try making your entries creative using pictures, colour, stickers, try a different hour of the day, do your journaling or in a different location. Create something new, fresh in your surroundings or routine to feel motivated, interested. Hope that helps
Sandra N.
Use your journal as a brain dump. Write down what’s on your mind all the time. Like a to do list. It will free mind space that you can use for whatever you like, or create something new with the free space in your mind.
Jennifer Z.
I just remember that my journal is for me. I don’t need to write a memoir every day. Sometimes I jot down a quote from a book and what it makes me think/feel at the moment and circle back to it weeks/months/years later for a comparison. Nothing in-depth. Just a quick thought. It may not seem like much but when I see the comparison of how I thought/felt then compared to later I can see the growth. I’ve recorded it. It’s like leaving myself an Easter egg for the future.
Breanna P.
But they’re not always things to think on they’re random phrases that don’t really translate to reality. They’re theoretical at best.
Jette B.
I like to start with an affirmation or mantra. Then write about my what im most grateful for, then one thing that held me back today. having this "plan" of what im going to write helps me warm into the journaling time. I always thinks of journaling as "better out than in" – sharing our thoughts and that helps us to process them
Josephine G.
Think about how it is bettering you. You are doing it for a reason at the end of the day. You may not be able to say how you feel to someone else so you can always write it down to the thing that will always listen—your journal!
Winnie N.
When writing in your journal, you don’t always have to write a lot.
If you’re not feeling it, just write one word, doodle or put a sticker on the page 😉