What to do when you get stuck, and words don’t flow on paper as smooth as they were in the head?

Charlotte C.
Maybe try talking it out, like you were talking to a friend and telling them how your day went. This will give you the words & phrases you are looking for to start writing; like a warm up to writing in your journal.
Lisa T.
Well maybe taking a deep breath and trying to organize in your mind the words that you want to say. It’s harder that it seems but it’s better to take your time and do what you need to make those words flow. I hope that helps
Rafaele E.
It’s a matter of perspective. Something’s sound good within your head, but on paper it doesn’t always work. Because of it, it’s great to have others who can influence and form those feelings and words into strong sentences.
Susie E.
When this happens to me I just take time away from the paper and try to do something new. Give it 15 minutes or an hour if you can and when you come back to the paper your brain will have had a break from trying to write everything your thinking down. Think of when you do a word search, the longer you look at it the more it blends in together so you take a break and when you come back to it you can find those words!!
Stphn F.
I usually walk in nature or go to the gym. When I’m exercising, I feel like my breathing gets better. Floods me with ideas. My mind and body coordinate. Makes me think better.
Karen U.
I just keep writing, these journals are for me so the words act as a reminder which will spark the thoughts that I was having at the time I wrote. So if the words are not exactly how I wanted they at least will remind me of how I felt or what I wanted to say really.
Adina Z.
I usually take a rest break to recover and unleash my creative thinking. After a few minutes, I return to my work feeling more relaxed.
Berra N.
ı just talk to myself. Personally ı never feel the same in my head and when ı wrote on a paper so ı often talk to myself when ım alone. It could be fun to talk to camera like a diary with sound!
Camilla N.
Name the sensations you’re feeling, and try to pinpoint where they physically are in your body (including if they are emotions)… don’t worry about generating new or complex ideas. Stubbornly stick to small, concrete detail until your mind relaxes.
Elliana T.
When I get stuck I take a break, clear my mind, and when I come back I try looking at it in a different way. If that still doesn’t work I ask for help.
Snehal Q.
What I do when this sort of thing happens to me is I go to YouTube and open a video where there's nature and music together basically ambient music I would suggest listening to rain in the forest type of videos or if you have any other better choice of "calm" music please do use it however I won't suggest listening to music with lyrics as you may not be able to focus properly but well if you can then sure go ahead take 3 breaths listen to the calm music and then there's alot of chance you might get better words in your mind
Dominic X.
Start writing down single words that just come to your mind and are connected to the thing you're thinking about. Then it's much easier putting them together.