Do you write much or do you keep it simple?

Saasha N.
If I don't really feel like writing, I’ll just talk about what I didn’t that day. But if I’m more in the mood for writing, I’ll also write about how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way.
Dani E.
I just write whatever thoughts come to mind. The first sentence is a simple statement, and then I just continue to write exactly what I feel without editing it to make it seem more pleasing. So my journal is more a reflection of the good and bad states my mind was in depending on the moment I sat down to write.
Laura T.
Writing together with reading is my way out. It is a cure for all insecurities and sadness. When I write I know that my thoughts are safe and that what I feel will remain unchanged so that I can write my life story slowly
Alaina N.
It usually depends on the question. Sometimes it is a very simple short answer. Sometimes the answer requires a longer answer. I do find the more time I spend writing the more I can sort out what’s going on in my mind.
Billy U.
I only really write what's on my mind. If I'm zoned into a task and don't have many distractions or other thoughts, I don't write much that day. The most important thing is to avoid the "should": there is no "should" with journaling; write whatever helps you.