How do you find something to write every day?

Barbara N.
I try to stick to the topics that were predetermined, but i also put my twist on it, usually trying to end on a positive note and trying to make up a solution to whatever it is that I’m writing about, so I can make it more concrete
Dana N.
Usually I try to look at my day chronologically. What happened when I woke up until the moment I started writing. Sometimes the flow kicks in and I just write what comes to my mind, description of friends, a game or feelings I had, eg.

Sometimes when there is something urgent on my mind, I try to pick up the notebook immediately, but I struggle with that myself a bit.

If nothing comes to my mind I ask myself: what made me happy today. 😊

Heidi I.
I start with the question 'how are you today' and go from my daily feelings on how life is going. if there is a subject that I can expand on then I go from there and onward.
Dorcaf O.
I don't always think about what I am going to write in my journal. Sometimes the thoughts and ideas come when I am infront of my journal and I just start writing. I never push. It is something you should enjoy and feel good about