What do you enjoy writing about most? Do you ever want to publish your work?

Mithil W.
I have never thought about writing. But I like writing small stuff like insights of life and my experiences and reminders about truth. Maybe I should give writing a try. Knowledge 365. One or two lines everyday. Maybe few lines everyday. Whatever comes gracefully.

Top O.
I love writing about my adventures and just how crazy they turn out to be. It makes me laugh a lot.
I will be published. When I reach the end

Riu Q.
I most enjoy writing about Sci-fi. I have for as long as I remember enjoyed science fiction as a consumer. And always, since a kid, play scenes from movies in my head over and over, as well as make up stories in my head. My imagination has always been very active. I will publish a great number of works, starting in my late 30s/ early 40s. I have much too many ideas to not see them flourish and come to light.

Wanda Z.
I'm not a writer so I won't publish anything😅😂 but I usually love to write about things that going on in my life and mind so I can sort and figure them out 🙂

Jaclyn Z.
It's an absolute goal of mine to publish. I have always wished to create children's novels. I've been a voracious fiction addict and wish to wisk others away to fantasticical worlds like I was. It honestly helped me cope during the tougher times in my life.

Lucy F.
I would love to publish my work! It’s on my buck list! But ever since I’ve hit rock bottom 2 years ago, it has gotten in the way of my hobbies but recovery is the best to get back your old life. I would either write fiction novels about love, drama, loss and sadness because I could relate to that and put it into detail so the reader is hooked. But lately, I have been writing a non fiction novel about my life and what I’ve been through so I can share with the world that you not alone and you can always recover if you ever feel useless. After creating a face of me, I would continue my fiction novels so I can have a collection and share with the world my life and how I cope with it. It’s what I live up to! So never let your problems interfere with your dreams or hobbies because that’s why they are there so don’t let them win❤️

Somi Q.
I love to write about my feelings. I like to write down my emotions rather than sharing it to others. It helps me relief from stress and confusion and keep tracks of my my actions. Since I am not into professional writing, there’s no

Kundi N.
I mostly enjoy it writing about ‘realism’ (if that makes makes sense at all). Like events or hinge that’s append in real life, i lurking to incorporate it to my writing. I haven’t published because writing is only pleasure writing. Hope this helps 🙂

Mohamad U.
I don't write much, but I do enjoy writing in my journal sometimes. I don't feel like it's something I have to do anymore, I think of it as something I enjoy doing.

Kacey N.
I think about publishing sometimes. But there are so many books about self help journeys.
I most enjoy writing about the connections I make between sources. Noticing overlap, and how things come together. It’s all to try and make sense of my experience.

Christina E.
I really enjoy writing about animation and learning more about the history of animation, pigments, and art. I also love writing made up stories but they are not very good. I also love writing lists of what I need to do because it helps me stay organized. I don’t think I would want to publish things I write because it is mainly for personal reference for art or being organized.

Simon A.
If your talking about writing a book then most definitely! I dream of being an author. But I keep switching my ideas. I know I can do it!

Sincerely, Laila

Anya U.
i enjoy writing about news and what is happening in the world. i ever published my work, and i will continue publishing it

Terra Z.
Like I said yesterday, I enjoy writing about my own psychology or the psychology behind my relationships. I would never want my work to be published.

Pauline P.
Writing allows you to express yourself in anyway you want. Using whatever themes you want in whatever setting. It’s not just a tool to share information but gives a fascinating look into someone else’s mind. Writing is a great way to express control if you feel like you’re lacking some. In the world you create everything only operates if you say it does. Which is beautiful because the world only exists as much as you say it does as well.

Tess C.
I have not written a book but I have written songs and came up with amazing ideas for books and I actually think I might start one probably. Idk if I will publish it though, plus I have dyslexia so it will take a very looooong looooong time.

Laxmi Q.
Hey I m not writing a book and I m writing a journal if you need some ideas to journal you can search on YouTube prompts to journal about by lavendaire Aileen xu she will motivate you to create your dream life

Daniel P.
I enjoy writing about my past it helps let go of has been a long deep thought inside of me that I never want to share and guess it libérâtes me from harvesting hard feelings too

Kayla U.
I write most about the world around me. I've never thought myself much of a writer. I don't think I'll ever be good enough to be published.

Victoria P.
Except from my journal I don’t usually write. I’m not a big fan of writing my own book etc. so unfortunately I can’t answer your question. One think that many people write on their books is their autobiography or books that involve drama. That’s all I know. Have a good rest of the day and let’s keep feeling fabulous

Vanessa F.
Mi piace molto scrivere, fa chiarezza nei miei pensieri e focalizza cosa devo far I really enjoy writing, it clarifies my thoughts and focuses on what I have to do

Heba R.
I am trying to write a horror book once I get the chance to take a writing class so I can do it right I will publish my book.

Lily Z.
I bought a bottle with grade-levels with motivational sentence for each grade that encourage me to move forward the day keeping drinking; I would like that also Faboulous would provide something new (es a motivational sentence, for each time I drink and each time different -as more as possible-). I would find myself excited to drink and therefore to push the Faboulous bottom “✅water” because I would be curious to discover the new sentence provided 😁

Alexandra E.
I never ever publish my work and probably never will. However, I do write in my journal every morning an night. It is extremely calming to let all my feeling and compare and contrast between my daily goals and what I actually accomplished. I think it’s important for you to do this too!

Atheer Q.
Yes I want to share it everywhere so that people can be happy can have at least one person beside them I like writing about how the other things live their life while we wish to have it like them they straggle with it

Izzie S.
Small little ordinary things which we see in every day life…but thay can be interpretated in different ways according to peoples perspective like a tea shop on the station is just a tea shop from which evryone is buying and drinking tea but for me its the place where societal difference of rich n poor ends as a man of AC coach of the train drinking same tea which a station worker is drinkin…Yes!! I write and want to publish my work.

Shan N.
I mean I only enjoy writing my daily routine at night before I sleep and sometimes I enjoy writing songs too it make me feel something very special

Jovelino F.
First thing in the morning, I drink a glass of water and then a I start some sun salutations or put some music on and start dancing! Then, I have my favourite meal of the day: breakfast!! That way I feel happy and energized every morning!

Tonya G.
I enjoy writing about the things I have experienced, my thoughts, my feelings, things I have read or watch or things that have inspired me. And yes, I do want to publish someday in hopes of igniting inspiration and hope to others.

Valdemar E.
I enjoy writing about my spiritual journey and where I’ve progressed in life. It’s all about perspective and mine has changed a lot. I would love to publish my work someday though I don’t know what that would look like.

Shekinah T.
I love writing about self love coz most people admire others,yet they also hv potential like others do.Well we should believe more in ourselves and wat we can do

Alena O.
I love that I can really get to write a world and create a universe that maybe something I've always wanted to do and I can really see myself as someone else and in this whole dream reality and really do whatever I want and choose how things can go.

Loide F.
Hi. You asked me what I like writing about…? I like to write about observations that I make as well as realizations that I come to. I tend to ponder and reflect a lot. I also like watching Ted talks and other rated videos on YouTube. Call it research. Then I write about what I agree with, in accordance with my own experiences.
Would I like to be published one day? I don’t know, most times I feel like all I have to say has been said already. I know, there’s probably people out there waiting to hear it from me. So I don’t know, maybe I’d like to be (published) I also wouldn’t mind writing articles, seeing as that seems a bit more realistic to me.

Anya U.
I enjoy writing from a perspective that is not consider usual. Taking a concept and considering a different viewpoint on it feels like growth. I don't dream of being published, only learning.

Bre N.
I actually really enjoy writing poetry. I haven’t written in awhile, but I would like to start more. I would also like to write short horror stories, and maybe eventually end up in a newspaper or magazine or something. I wouldn’t even mind writing a novel eventually. I would love to have my work published.

Anya U.
I always thought that I can be a good writer one day, where I can share life stories and motivations that brought me out to embrace world and get over my depression but I'm not an interesting person, so that book might be really bores to read.. so this was put on hold for a long time..

Imke F.
Funnily enough a huge y dream of mine has always been to write children’s books. All my dreams are children related I would love to work with kids & ive always wanted to have kids.

When I was younger I used to love writing stories and my mum has kept a few of them I love looking back at them.

I also used to really enjoy writing poetry and once when I was younger had a poem published in a book in Scotland

Gladys C.
I enjoy writing fantasy and a science fiction novel. Especially, space as the world out there are vast and powerful, something nobdy knows what is out there and my imagination can run wild in. I have also published two books as it helps me complete my goals and accomplishments

Farah N.
I like to write about my emotions for the day and what’s my goals for the next period. No, I don’t like to share these feelings, but maybe after I move on and letting go, I’m going to write my experience or ways to help people who have the same problem.

Amy C.
I'm not much of a writer.I get very impatient and give up half way through. I did enjoy blogging for a time. But for now I more enjoy doing comic strips.

Minas E.
I tend to write all things I like to write like my emotions,aims,some key words,percent of being productive,etc
I don't like to publish my works.

Lummi W.
I like to journal how my day goes and any thought I have through the day. No, I don’t ever want to publish my work because they are my feeling that I like to keep for myself, but maybe in the future you never know.

Anya U.
I enjoy writing about the things that I feel make my day a tiny bit better. I do want to publish something but I havent written anything that good yet

Anna Q.
i enjoy writing a storyline or into my diary most.
I've already wanted to publish one of my works i am writing right now, but the story is not finishes yet. but as soon as I've finished this work, I'll publish it on Wattpad ☺️

Ingetraud Q.
I don’t enjoy the writing. Partially because the prompts don’t make a whole Lotta sense and the explanations frequently don’t match the prompt. As in this case which originally claims to be a question from a User but the explanation references making a permanent change. This is stupid

Cheyenne N.
I like to write about nature and the thrills it gives me. I don’t think I would want to publish any of my work mainly because it’s so private to me I feel like an idiot sometimes for the things I write but I enjoy to just jot things down and then never look at at again

Caroline A.
I only write my daily reflections. I don’t use any prompts. It’s purely a free write word vomit of whatever I am feeling that morning. Sometimes it’s a description of my feelings, sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes it’s practical goals and tasks, sometimes it’s gratitude. Just depends on what I feel when I wake up.

Alyssa E.
As in my books that I’m writing ?
If yes, I write fiction books and one day I hope I can write my own story.
Fiction books:
What I enjoy about writing is that I can make up stories and people. And maybe inspire people to be good and happy.

And yes, one day I wish to publish my own books. I want people to know my books and for my own story, I want people to know my story, to know me, to know what happened to me.

And as in this app, the Journal, I just like the quotes and telling you what I think it means to me.

Lynn I.
I like to express my feelings that are overwhelming to compress sometimes. It allows me to channel internally and process. I blog sometimes but that’s it.

Casey N.
I love to write about things that inspire and excite me! For example, I am really passionate about Star Wars, and will often practice analytical skills by writing essays on the movies. I also love writing fiction though I need more practice. I would love to publish my work someday. If you want to publish your work, go for it! If youre writing about something that inspires you, people will love to see your work.

Bertha E.
Usually about 15 minutes is good. After I eat and get red for the day I either choose a quick yoga stretching routine or just some basic stretches that I can do!

Hermi R.
I enjoy writing poems, sometimes about anything that happened to me on a particular day. Yes, I do dream of having my works published but I still don't have enough courage yet.

Em N.
i enjoy writing about scenarios, they can be sad, happy, loving, usually i love to write about love. it’s something i feel so passionate for, and feel so deeply within me. sometimes i can be stuck on what to write but i know whatever comes to mind is never wrong, i try to keep as much of my writing and art as i can so i can show my children in the future, one day, i hope for them to read through my journals and see that all i loved to do was create and make people feel something, i hope they will be proud of their mother, the same way as i’ll be proud of them 🙂

Georgia E.
when I write on my journal I like writing about my day, my affirmations, what I want to achieve, ect. I am learning how to write to manifest something so I think I will improve my daily journaling.

Tom Y.
I enjoy writing about my experiences with other people. For some reason, the emotions that I feel for other human beings comes through in my writing and I spill out all that I am thinking about in that moment. when someone breaks my heart, then it sparks a new writing journey for me. I feel that my writing might not be that good to publish, but I'd definitely love for people to read my poems and to relate to the feelings and emotions.

Nelly Y.
I enjoy writing about my dreams and my future. I like planning especially in the financial aspect. Planning my routine, what food I eat. It motivates me.

Evan J.
I like to write about my day in general. Usually it’s about what medication I took, where I went, what was I grateful for, what important events did I do.

I don’t want to publish my work, I think keeping it personal is good.

Maur Lio O.
I’m not the writing person, although I write a lot and organise my everyday program. I usually write my thoughts when I’m sad, depressed, stressed and it helps me. Publishing this kind of writing is not my goal!

Loli N.
I enjoy exploring themes in the world around me as well writing down my emotional reactions and states. It helps me process and I love looking back and seeing that I’ve worked through a difficulty that was so prominent before. In journaling I don’t really think of publication. Journaling is like a rough draft of messy ideas and a way for me to process experiences etc. Then from that exploration I can find a topic that I write for an audience. In personal journaling it can take a while to remove the idea of audience but I’ve found removing it helpful.

Adele J.
احب ان اكتب حول تخصصي واهتماماتي لاني اشعر انني افيد الغير واريد ان اظهر مهاراتي ومعرفتي لا اعتقد ان امر نشر الاعمال صعب علي ولكن قلق من كون عملي انه سيكون في محل الشك او انه ينتقد بشكلٍ لاذع او ان يكون التدقيق والاجراء الذي سيتبع عليه او يمارس عليه قوي بحيث يحبطني ولا اكمله او انجز فصوله

Linda S.
Life experiences and lessons which mainly all wrap back to Gods influence on my life. Yes I have published before and will more than likely in the future

Hoda N.
These days I try to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy in my journal writing. But I do think about writing as a serious new field in my life.

Mike F.
I enjoy writing about horror or fantasy! It’s something that I’m passionate about and I want a job in when I’m older. I would love to get my work published!!!😩🐋🍆💦

Nb N.
Right now I only write in journals and content at work… But I always dreamt of writing a novel myself – and had a great idea, but never actioned it! Now that I’m getting more focused with my time and focusing on confidence

Alexi X.
I like writing about fictional horror. Or horror documentaries, or even information reports. But I would never publish any.I’d be too embarrassed.

Sigmund R.
I enjoy writing about day to day life and special experiences and adventures – just to to hold on to those memories. Though, I sometimes like to be funny in my writing, and I wouldn’t mind publishing that in some way. The most I publishat this point is probably captions on Instagram😆

Perfeito C.
I have never thought of publishing my work and I do write but it comes from books that I read because am always happy and I enjoy writing when am reading a book because it gives me more insight.

Shafira L.
I've enjoyed to write my daily habits. Sometimes, I want to publish it. But, I think I must keep it secret coz it's my personal thoughts.

Don E.
I really love writing fantasy. I feel I will one day write a fantastical novel or three that really explores that mystical world of the imagination…so inspired for it 💛 I am so grateful for the inspiration that different fantasy genres like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Wheel of Time series, Drizz’t du Urden series, The Secret Texts, The Green Rider…so many different ones that inspire also. I believe on a deep psychological level this helps unlock these magical experiences and abilities in real life. There is so much magic at the edge of everything, I believe, just out of a normal gaze but proves that all the fairytales and mythologies are true…we live in the most magical of worlds, truly.✨

Kirk J.
I have epilepsy and have been through a lot over the last couple of years. I like to write about my experience with it so one day I can look back and remember everything I went through. Sometimes I think about posting it because I don’t believe enough people are aware of epilepsy. Today is actually national purple day, where you wear purple to raise awareness for epilepsy!

Liliane H.
I like writing down my thoughts because sometimes I wonder if everyone is going through what I am going through, life is most likely to turn a turn you didn’t see coming and at times you wonder if you are taking the right path, It’s so confusing but writing down my mind’s thoughts makes it easier for me to understand what I need to do and what’s bothering me the most for me to find answers.

Kaitlyn C.
I honestly find myself writing more about my personal life and how far I’ve come. The trials and errors I’ve overcome are very good lessons I never even imagined learning. When someone struggles for a long period of time you tend to realize that as a single soul you can only take so much for another person before you not only physically but mentally and emotionally break on the inside and out. I always like to say one can only take so much before they have to stop and only take FOR themselves. Focus on yourself that is the ultimate goal. Once you can find yourself again after the long roads that is when it counts the most.

Judy N.
I enjoy writing about my experience of life as I grow older. I like to one day my diary to be Seen as a way of leaving. I like to write about my goal and my stragglers, and how a over come the challenges

Tatiana E.
What I enjoy about writing is putting my own thoughts in my work. I like to make my writing real & authentic. I like to use proper grammar, & spelling. And I also enjoy being creative in my writing.

Clyde U.
I enjoy writing about my daily activities and little observances I make about events that occur. I have never considered publishing my work because most of my writing is more free write style where I jump around from one thought to the next. I imagine anyone who stumbles upon my writing might feel like they are on a roller coaster.

Xuxa C.
I enjoy writing about daily beautiful things in life that I can make a parallel with the Ancient Greek period and its art, its proverbs, its people, way of living or Greek word play.

Nina N.
I like to write about my moments throughout the day and take notes of my food habits that help me to loss weight , thanks for asking^^

Babette N.
I do enjoy writing about feelings and emotions that are confusing because it is so easy to remember them — specifically because they are intangible. Sure, we have known how certain emotions are linked to brain — and its release of chemicals — but as a people, it is different for everyone, not quite the same way of expressing and thinking. This just like a metaphor where it can interpreted differently by everyone because of their own set of memories, language and culture.
Secondly, as illustrated above, I do like to mix in a little bit, or a lot, of research to give solidarity to my opinion: well, I enjoy connecting things that explain our ways of thinking.

Selma N.
mi piace scrivere le mie vittorie della giornata, anche se piccole e gli obbiettivi per il giorno dopo. Mi piace anche scrivere tutto ciò che mi passa per la mente: riflessioni, pensieri che ho bisogno di buttare giù ecc

Hailey F.
Fiction – scifi, fantasy, historical, slice-of-life, comedy, adventure, action, mystery. Who wouldn't want to publish their creative works? Just need to overcome personal criticism and fear of not being good enough

Ot Lia T.
Gratitude as i cant never ever be so lucky to have such miracle from Allah. Allah is always there for me and all his umat..the only thing that make different is how i accept my surrounding that given by Allah and how i react to it..

Kourtney Z.
I enjoy writing about fantasy worlds that deal with real world problems. For example, if discrimination is prominent in an area, which it is, I can manipulate a situation in a fantasy world that addresses this issue and comes to a conclusion or some kind. It's very similar to what some publishers do with plays: they make you laugh at a situation but also make you realize that this is a growing issue in our personal or "real world" lives. I have thought of publishing, but my busy world at the moment keeps me a bit tied up with time.

A B.
The reason I journal is to get the thoughts, that are racing in my head, out. Sometimes I look back at what I wrote to see if I felt someway what I did to get there or out of it. Lately I’ve been journaling on my phone more from apps that give me journaling prompts. It gives me a chance to think more than just about my issues.

As for the other question if I would publish them probably not. Many of the things I write about in my paper journal are private and not really meant to share except maybe in therapy, because many times I will do a bullet point entry about what I want to talk about it therapy.

Robyn U.
I love to write fiction. Usually fantasy wish fulfillment. And yes I would love to one day publish my work. Eventually. Look out for Robyn Delice on bookshelves near you 🙂

Zeki F.
I don’t actually write anything that would be published as I’m not a writer, but I really enjoy journaling as it helps me with overthinking and my overall well-being. Journaling is such a release after a long day and can be really helpful when trying to end it on a happy note.

Milana N.
I love writing about what happen in my life and what i'm going to do in the future. It's like there's something invisible that push me to do it immediately when i wrote it. I don't know if you understand but it's like a boost and by writing it calms me.