What do you enjoy writing about most? Do you ever want to publish your work?

Top O.
I love writing about my adventures and just how crazy they turn out to be. It makes me laugh a lot.
I will be published. When I reach the end

Wanda Z.
I'm not a writer so I won't publish anything😅😂 but I usually love to write about things that going on in my life and mind so I can sort and figure them out 🙂

Kacey N.
I think about publishing sometimes. But there are so many books about self help journeys.
I most enjoy writing about the connections I make between sources. Noticing overlap, and how things come together. It’s all to try and make sense of my experience.

Terra Z.
Like I said yesterday, I enjoy writing about my own psychology or the psychology behind my relationships. I would never want my work to be published.

Kayla U.
I write most about the world around me. I've never thought myself much of a writer. I don't think I'll ever be good enough to be published.

Lily Z.
I bought a bottle with grade-levels with motivational sentence for each grade that encourage me to move forward the day keeping drinking; I would like that also Faboulous would provide something new (es a motivational sentence, for each time I drink and each time different -as more as possible-). I would find myself excited to drink and therefore to push the Faboulous bottom “✅water” because I would be curious to discover the new sentence provided 😁

Izzie S.
Small little ordinary things which we see in every day life…but thay can be interpretated in different ways according to peoples perspective like a tea shop on the station is just a tea shop from which evryone is buying and drinking tea but for me its the place where societal difference of rich n poor ends as a man of AC coach of the train drinking same tea which a station worker is drinkin…Yes!! I write and want to publish my work.

Jovelino F.
First thing in the morning, I drink a glass of water and then a I start some sun salutations or put some music on and start dancing! Then, I have my favourite meal of the day: breakfast!! That way I feel happy and energized every morning!

Tonya G.
I enjoy writing about the things I have experienced, my thoughts, my feelings, things I have read or watch or things that have inspired me. And yes, I do want to publish someday in hopes of igniting inspiration and hope to others.

Valdemar E.
I enjoy writing about my spiritual journey and where I’ve progressed in life. It’s all about perspective and mine has changed a lot. I would love to publish my work someday though I don’t know what that would look like.

Imke F.
Funnily enough a huge y dream of mine has always been to write children’s books. All my dreams are children related I would love to work with kids & ive always wanted to have kids.

When I was younger I used to love writing stories and my mum has kept a few of them I love looking back at them.

I also used to really enjoy writing poetry and once when I was younger had a poem published in a book in Scotland

Minas E.
I tend to write all things I like to write like my emotions,aims,some key words,percent of being productive,etc
I don't like to publish my works.

Anna Q.
i enjoy writing a storyline or into my diary most.
I've already wanted to publish one of my works i am writing right now, but the story is not finishes yet. but as soon as I've finished this work, I'll publish it on Wattpad ☺️

Lynn I.
I like to express my feelings that are overwhelming to compress sometimes. It allows me to channel internally and process. I blog sometimes but that’s it.

Bertha E.
Usually about 15 minutes is good. After I eat and get red for the day I either choose a quick yoga stretching routine or just some basic stretches that I can do!

Hermi R.
I enjoy writing poems, sometimes about anything that happened to me on a particular day. Yes, I do dream of having my works published but I still don't have enough courage yet.

Nelly Y.
I enjoy writing about my dreams and my future. I like planning especially in the financial aspect. Planning my routine, what food I eat. It motivates me.

Adele J.
احب ان اكتب حول تخصصي واهتماماتي لاني اشعر انني افيد الغير واريد ان اظهر مهاراتي ومعرفتي لا اعتقد ان امر نشر الاعمال صعب علي ولكن قلق من كون عملي انه سيكون في محل الشك او انه ينتقد بشكلٍ لاذع او ان يكون التدقيق والاجراء الذي سيتبع عليه او يمارس عليه قوي بحيث يحبطني ولا اكمله او انجز فصوله

Hoda N.
These days I try to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy in my journal writing. But I do think about writing as a serious new field in my life.

Nb N.
Right now I only write in journals and content at work… But I always dreamt of writing a novel myself – and had a great idea, but never actioned it! Now that I’m getting more focused with my time and focusing on confidence

Perfeito C.
I have never thought of publishing my work and I do write but it comes from books that I read because am always happy and I enjoy writing when am reading a book because it gives me more insight.

Kirk J.
I have epilepsy and have been through a lot over the last couple of years. I like to write about my experience with it so one day I can look back and remember everything I went through. Sometimes I think about posting it because I don’t believe enough people are aware of epilepsy. Today is actually national purple day, where you wear purple to raise awareness for epilepsy!

Judy N.
I enjoy writing about my experience of life as I grow older. I like to one day my diary to be Seen as a way of leaving. I like to write about my goal and my stragglers, and how a over come the challenges

Hailey F.
Fiction – scifi, fantasy, historical, slice-of-life, comedy, adventure, action, mystery. Who wouldn't want to publish their creative works? Just need to overcome personal criticism and fear of not being good enough

Kourtney Z.
I enjoy writing about fantasy worlds that deal with real world problems. For example, if discrimination is prominent in an area, which it is, I can manipulate a situation in a fantasy world that addresses this issue and comes to a conclusion or some kind. It's very similar to what some publishers do with plays: they make you laugh at a situation but also make you realize that this is a growing issue in our personal or "real world" lives. I have thought of publishing, but my busy world at the moment keeps me a bit tied up with time.

Alena O.
I love that I can really get to write a world and create a universe that maybe something I've always wanted to do and I can really see myself as someone else and in this whole dream reality and really do whatever I want and choose how things can go.

Em N.
i enjoy writing about scenarios, they can be sad, happy, loving, usually i love to write about love. it’s something i feel so passionate for, and feel so deeply within me. sometimes i can be stuck on what to write but i know whatever comes to mind is never wrong, i try to keep as much of my writing and art as i can so i can show my children in the future, one day, i hope for them to read through my journals and see that all i loved to do was create and make people feel something, i hope they will be proud of their mother, the same way as i’ll be proud of them 🙂