When do you like to journal?

Olivia N.
I like to journal in the morning with my coffee or in the evening before bed. Or just whenever I’m feeling something I really need to write down in words.
Linny P.
I think the best time is anytime you feel your mind full. But in my case I do it before bed so I can get both bad and good things out and sleep lighter.
Caroline F.
First thing in the morning in last thing at night. I’m considering trying to find a way to journal in the middle of the day too. Just because it makes you pause and reflect on how you’re feeling in that moment and to think about what’s most important.
Doris O.
I like to journal when I have a clear mind, which is typically after I go through my morning or after I’ve finished everything on my to do list.
Katie A.
I like to journal at the end of the day that is before going to bed. This helps to brain dump everything in your head so you can sleep better. Also if you want to track down your mood for the entire day you can do it at night. Also doing something like writing at the end of the day makes you more relaxed and ready for a good night's slept.
Yema L.
Right before bed! I find it really helpful in getting out thoughts that have been churning all day so I can sleep better. Journaling as part of my nighttime routine has also helped me feel more relaxed and reduce screen time so I can fall asleep more easily.
Ari N.
I like to journal in the afternoon. It gives me the chance to slow down while there’s still light, but my mind isn’t smugy like it is in the morning.