Do you journal every day, that day, or do you keep a separate journal in which to evaluate your Life’s Story? Do people write out their Life Story? Why not? What would encourage you to write your Life Story and what would it take to include all the “worst” parts about you? What if those parts weren’t so bad after all?

Athilla Z.
yes, I journal everyday and I kept it in a separate category. like daily life journal, depression journal, art journal, love journal and health journal. what encourages me is so that I'd know the purpose of my life and remembering it by writing it down. it doesn't matter what others see because what matters is how we see ourselves.
J F.
I use multiple journals. One that I use daily to write what I was grateful for and things I’ll do to relax me that day. And another one for any thoughts and/or realizations I have/had.
Gabriella Z.
Yes I journal everyday. It help me to stay focused and not allow my emotions to get in the way of my work and relationships with my 9 & 10 year old.
Sinisa F.
I do keep journal, but not every day.
Usually 2-3 times per week.
Goals, thoughts need to be revised, or I need new ones.
Or to erase ones that are not important.