How do you motivate yourself to write every day? What do you do when you feel like you have nothing new or worthwhile to write about?

Jenna P.
I call my journal writing "gorilla journalling". If I don't have time or motivation to write a long thoughtful entry. I just get bas u s thoughts and feelings down. Don't get caught up in the details. It might not be eloquent but the general feeling for the day gets put down & then I can let it go.
Jen F.
Think about something that happened and what it connects to, reminds me of, is similar to, may be a signal of, says about culture, etc. Even just writing a little bit can get the ball rolling and the practice a habit
Zuzana B.
I use Youper app for day logs, since entry doesn't have to take more than a minute, if I don't feel like it and this keeps me motivated to use it everyday. All I have to do is define my dominant emotion at that moment and factors that led to it. It's also possible to extend your entry with things you are grateful for, plans for next 24 hours or simple description of the present situation. The app offers some other mindfulness and cognitive behavioural techniques, but if you want to keep your journal manual, you can use some of the tips above.
Good luck 🙂 .