How do I make the time to journal every night? Do I have to wite a large amount or is a short entry of one or two sentences enough?

Julio J.
By the end of the day I forget to journal, so I set my alarm to wake me up an extra 30 minutes early so I can journal in the morning. Start with 1 sentance to get in the habit and eventually the words will just flow and you'll be filling pages at a time.

Yalin F.
You can definitely keep it short. I answer 2 questions: 3 amazing things that happened today and what would have made today even better. These prompts get you to focus on the things that matter in terms of wiring your brain towards the positive.

Abigail O.
It doesn't matter the length of the entry just that afterward you got all your thoughts done, and to make time for it just instead of scrolling on your phone at night make that time your writing time.

Frederikke P.
It really does not matter how long you make your entries at first, the important part is the consistency to do it daily. After a while you will start to see them getting longer and deeper every time. I do try to make them long enough so that I can type in a complete thought, for instance, how I felt during the day or what aspects of my day to day should I be working on, but there is really not a rule as to how long it should be. I use to type my entries when I’m on bed getting ready to sleep. I try to give myself 15 to 20 minutes before getting asleep to reflect on the day and put my entries in. Hope it helps!