How many pages do you usually write into your journal?

Phil Z.
I usually like to use at least one page per day. It makes me feel like my journal’s more organized and gives me a benchmark for myself. But, of course, some days call for more than one page haha.
Lindaura A.
I try to write about one full page. This ensures that I am not just writing a short list of things I’ve done over day, but forces me to think about what I’ve learned from those experiences or elaborate on what really stood out. Limiting it to one page helps to not ramble on and on but to find the essence of what I’ve learned and focus on remembering what was most important to me. When looking back at it it’s easy to understand the overall picture of it’s on one page.
Caitlin Q.
I have my journaling timer set for only 5 minutes as I'm just staring to get used to journaling again. So I usually only get a small paragraph in. But it feels good and it's enough for now. That way I can just let it flow and not feel like I'm struggling to find more to write.
Jozef A.
I do daily's and usually use 1 page. Use Google to search for bullet journal, it is really useful to use and keep track of everything.