I want it to be beautiful but that makes me get stuck. How do I get past this?

Brandon S.
I believe it’s best to start small with manageable steps. Making small incremental goals will allow to celebrate the small victories which give you the courage and energy to accomplish the ultimate goal of beauty. Instead of looking at the destination, focus on the journey.
Cosku P.
To create beauty, the best way is to just create something, and re evaluate, rather than focusing on the end result focus on the actions you take. If life was about how fast you are, the best dancers would be the fastest ones and the best music would only take a second. Just take you time and focus on what matters, every each trial is a win and if you enjoy the process rather than creating something beautiful and lose you self or ego, become no one, you can create the things noone can imagine. I also suggest you to read timeless way of building from christopher alexander if you are so concerned with beauty.