What do you use physical journals for? Digital ones? What are the advantages / disadvantages of each?

Jodi X.
I use physical journals to write down my feelings and goals. I use a digital journal to save pictures, memes, and inspirational quotes.
Jacob Z.
I use a physical journal in the morning and evening. To write gratidue a d set expectations for the day. In the evening i note great things of the day and what i will do better tomorrow.
Throughout the day i use a bullet journal to keep track of my day.
Mariam Z.
I use a journal for when I am overwhelmed, and I use a physical journal. I picked it out myself, so there is more personalization when it comes to physical journals. I'm active too and its light, so that is also a bonus. It just depends on what you enjoy. I enjoy having a physical journal. It disconnects from my phone so I can put my phone down. My phone is what overwhelms me the most so a physical journal is an escape. The important thing is is to make sure your mind and thoughts are fully there while journaling, physical or digital. Good luck!