How do you get motivation to write in your journal?

Silas Z.
Journelling is not about writing down everything and anything , it's all about just putting down all the thoughts in your brain into a piece of paper so that your mind can be free from all the thoughts.
Our brain is like a road which is full of traffic filled with thoughts,to declutter these thoughts and to increase the mind space, we need journaling .
Meditation also helps reduce the traffic but journaling had worked wonders for me.
Just the thought that i can attain peace motivates me to journal on a daily basis. The amount of peace that I get after journaling is insane and empowering.
This is one thing but journaling right before going to bed and emptying all the thoughts of the day lets us get a wonderful sleep and increases productivity drastically.
Rana N.
I keep it open on my desk with pen next to it , I see them as tools to dive into my inner self
I enjoy spending some self time and learning more about my self.. ♥️
In S F.
I like to look back as the years go on and see what I have done through the years. I also like to reflect at the end of the day on what I’ve done. It helps me to feel gratitude or to leave a tough day behind.
Milla Y.
At the start of the day I tell myself this is going to be a good day and i can’t forget which means I’ll have to right it in my journal.
Julie P.
Writing in my journal is one of my goals each day. I want to 100% complete my goals so it makes it much easier to complete my journaling when combined with three easier goals.