When should I write?

Javere T.
I ask myself this all the time. I typically look at it as, how much should I write? 5 minutes soon turns into 10, then 20 and so on. Writing little by little each day will encourage you to write wherever and whenever! Hope this helps!🙃
Angel N.
I think that the best time to write is when you feel is right. It is best to always try once a day. I have found it that for me it helps to do it at the end of the day to reflect about my day but I also enjoy doing it on the morning to set my intentions for the day and properly prep my mentality for the rest of the day. Some other times I do it when it feels right or I feel anxious so I can work out my emotions on my own
Laura T.
I try to write at the end of my morning routine, which I do as soon as I wake up before anything else. I do it like that because I want to journal from the positive perspective of someone who has finished her whole morning routine and has not let any of the day’s negativity into her mind yet. (:
Alexander C.
Go with your heart and how you're feeling..be honest with yourself no good lying it gets you know where and you'll be stuck in the same position but on the other hand dont beat yourself up have a bad day dont stress wipe self down start again torrow!!