How to find a space for journaling when demands are being placed on you, husband trying to talk to you, dog wanting to sit on your lap, etc.

Melissa N.
I tell my family (including my dog) all i ask for is one hour in the morning. That hour is mine and I wont share it. The other 23 hours are up for grabs but this one hour belongs to me. I do it early enough that doesn't impact anyone else's routine, but on the off chance someone is up early or not feeling well they know to wait until my one hour for journaling and exercise is up to interrupt me. I think as moms we find it so hard to set boundaries but this is the best thing i have done for myself and for my family.
Christopher U.
The bathroom, no one bother you there … It's a nice space just to have time alone, whether or not u 😂 using it for it's original purpose
Rawad X.
The main way to do it is to find a time in the day where you are not bothered. Whether it's waking up before everyone else, going to a nearby coffee shop to get some quiet time, or sleeping later than the rest. There's always a way to get some me time, you just have to find the time that's appropriate for you