Should you keep negative and positive emotions in two separate journals?

Teja E.
I think not, because both are my emotions and i have to except myself with everything that i am. It doesn’t matter if emotions are bad or good, they are my emotions and i have to deal with them, not putting one in front of other. Always excepting myself with everything that i have in me💜
Samanta O.
Don't think so, since life is a mix between the two of them. Writing them in the same journal could probably help you to see the other side in the same situation
B La I.
I would keep them in the same journal and analyze my negative emotions to realize my positive emotions outweigh the negative.
Alkali Y.
I think it's good to keep both the positive and negative in the same journal so that it's easier to track everything. It's a lot easier to track which days were better or worse if it's all in the same place
Sofie W.
I don't think that they should be separated, for example, I have a bullet journal with a mood tracker. Seeing the negative and positive days in parallel helps to reflect on what's happened and find patterns which can help with self growth. Just because there are negative things in the journal, doesn't make the journal itself negative. It's ok to feel both positive and negative, we all do, they don't need to be separated as they work together, like for example empathy – a powerful emotion that makes us human, just because it was impacted on negative events doesn't make it negative, it's strong and sometimes you need both positive and negative emotions to help you
Abbie Z.
not necessarily. when putting them in bv the same you get them out if you an on paper where maybe the positive side will over rule the negative . but you could put them in separate journals. I think I would not want to read the negative journal later for fear of it making me more negative.
Sara Z.
No, it's better to note good and bad sides of situations and emotions when writing diary, so you can reflect better on past day. So this advice is for self-reflection and reflection of past day. While for positive emotion as gratitude I write subheading named Gratitude and I don't have such subheadings for negative emotions. The point of writing and thinking of positive emotions you had during the day is to make those memories easier to remember, while for negative emotion people are already programmed to do that, so because we remember negative emotions more easily, goal is to train your brain to remember positive emotions as fast as negative one. But, in self-reflection part it's important not only to write negative emotions, but to understand them better and accept our responsibility for them. Also, to let ourself percieve positive and negative aspects of situations, since situations are rarely only on one side of coin. Black and white thinking is never good, while it's good to train you brain to look situations from different perspectives sometimes without positive or negative label a.k.a. without judgment. Sometimes is good to be angry you are showing where your boundaries are and it's good to be angry on yourself it gives you energy to change. While emotion as hate, guilt ect. are rarely appropriate. But, we still feel them, so it's important to accept emotions you feel and learn more about them, if you feel like it you can even change it.
Andrew T.
I don’t think so. Aren’t some also just neutral?
Bad emotions can be food sometimes too, healing. It’s all you. Keep it together in one.
Christina O.
I prefer to put everything in one journal because then I can go back and easily see all that I was feeling on a specific day or instance. I also feel like separating them forces you to focus on one and not the other depending on what journal you are writing in. For me, putting everything in one allows all my thoughts and feelings to freely flow onto the page, almost like stream of consciousness, with no limitations.
Nou E.
No, I think is important to acknowledge everything in the same cart because life is like this a continued flow of two or many energies.
Lorena S.
I guess it depends how you want to use them in the future. If you want a go to book to see positive thoughts, maybe that would work well for you. I like having the big picture and see everything together and also have a central book that I can take with me with everything.
Gauthier Y.
I personally have not done this before, and usually sum my days up in one narrative. I’m not sure what the outcome will be once using the separation method but it wouldn’t hurt to try out!
Livia T.
No, that's one too many journals. Life is a mix of happiness and sadness and you need to feel them both and sometimes on the same day. So why should you put them in two separate journals…
Annabel F.
Absolutely not! Your day is a combination of both, and your journal should reflect what your day was like. It should also reflect thoughts that you had whether new or old; Problems you are working through, even if you have no resolution.