What prompts, if any, do you give yourself when you journal?

Emmanuela X.
When I get into bed. I want to continue my steak and track my moods. Also helps me to reflect what I have and haven’t done that day.
Yema L.
I don’t have a conscious prompt, really. But I guess the implicit one is often, “How are you feeling today? What’re you thinking about?” And usually the words just spill from my pencil because I am constantly thinking about something. Other more specific ones that I tacitly ask myself are “What were the highs and lows of today?” and “What does this [thing that you’ve described] mean to you? How does it impact you?”

I just make my journal a safe space to dump whatever I’m thinking about, including exploration of things that puzzle or frustrate me. I don’t even write in full sentences all the time— sometimes, doodles and bullet points and lists are better to capture what’s going on in the old noggin.