What can you do to make it easier to write every day?

Silke Z.
Thank you so much for your question. I like to carry my journal around with me. A simple composition notebook where I can write anything down, where ever I’m at, during anytime of the day. If not a physical notebook, use your phone’s notes. If you have microphone capability you can use that to “speak” your notes into your “mobile journal”. Do what works best for you. Don’t complicate just do. Thank you for letting me share.
Jodi Q.
Right now, I’m making serious effort toward excavating and decluttering my environment so it will be conducive to writing.

In the meantime, I make trips to a nearby coffee shop and stake out a comfortable place to retreat and write.

I bring small pillows to sit on, a table cloth for my personal decor, snacks, lotions, and even a face massager (when no one’s looking), a collection of pens and markers, and my journal, to make myself cozy and to entice me to write.

See why I need to declutter?

But seriously, I try to spoil myself in to writing—and sometimes it works.