Are you worried that you’ll manifest bad things if you write down the bad thoughts in your head? Or that someone will read them ?

Veronika Z.
Somerimes i am scared that someone will read my thoughts. It is private and i don't want anyone to read them because somerimes i am not proud that i had this thought on my mind a if someone read it it could be true.
Lara B.
No, never not for a second! Writing down stuff good or bad helps you fix things, understand things & also frees your mind of all that bullshit. If you need to talk to someone & you have no one you should always always write it down it’s good to have a journal & it’s good to unload the pressure especially on a book then a person as discussing bad things with a person only drags that person down to how your feeling anyway!
Michelle R.
I think that by writing my thoughts, especially the bad ones, including forbidden desires and big secrets, I let go that mental burden and free my mind, so I can move on with my life with a clearer mind, in some ways its like going to therapy. For me the best way of letting go is writing 3 pages of anything daily and with that I also free my own creativity.
As for the second question, I know there's a chance of being read by someone else, but that's a small risk for my mind's health, which is much more important.