What motivates you to journal each day?

Taibat V.
I feel motivated to journal every day because it unleashes those deep emotions I feel and I understand it more when I see it, seeing parts of myself I'm just realizing. It also gives me clarity about somethings and allows me to really blossom into myself within a few pages.
Liana F.
I am not writing my journal everyday but I know I will do it soon.
I think practicing gratitude and thinking about the positive aspects of the day (instead of focusing on the bad or annoying events), motivates me to write, giving me strength and excited.
Julie G.
I've been doing it for almost all my life. I write to remember, to analyze, to explain to myself, to take decisions, to maintain them
Khaya X.
Because I want a way to keep track of the changes in me as a person, my thought processes and my motivations and how I change over time
Evelise Q.
Well I ticked the box before actually doing it (since I journal after midnight). And it makes me feel that this is something I must do since I already 'tell' the app that I did it 😉