How can I get the most out of my journal?

Alice J.
You should write in it every day just about your favorite things or something special that happened in that month. Alsonat the beginning of a month make a page for it and also a mood tracker that tracks your mood for the whole month. 🙂
Frederique N.
I think that you can do so much different things you need to look and think what do you love I have a bullet journal and i make a page whit goals and to do’s I have a list whit places i Want to travel to. I am just a kind and I am 12 years so I don’t now that much
Katrena Y.
I start by going over what happened in my day. I then normally find that there are parts of the day that I want to write about in more detail or thoughts that I have that I want to explore. I just remind myself that the journal is for my private thoughts and that means I can write for as long or as short as I feel like.