Do you use a professional journal/planner or Just a Simple notebook?

Adam C.
I’ve tried using a notebook, a planner like the bullet journal, anything you can possibly thing of. I’m constantly on my phone so my go to is just the notes app on my phone. At this moment I have just one long note with my journal entries
Wanda C.
I use a regular notebook rather than a professional journal/planner because I feel less intimidated and I feel more open to using it. I have tried the fancy journals before and for me, they never worked.
Jeremiah W.
Umm I really plan to just use this online app for much of my note taking and such, I really like the structure of it and it does me well to just stay with this simple design
Ashveedha W.
Yes I use a very cute planner with all the necessities and a separate journal for writing down my thoughts. It doesn't mean you have to have a separate one for each, you can just use a normal book. I personally like nice things sooo I invested on a pretty dope planner 😁
Dakshina Z.
A simple notebook is enough when you begin journaling. Gradually when this habit of yours makes changes in your life, thats when you can choose to invest in a professional journal or planner as per your wish. The notebook you're maintaining should reflect your thoughts. You should simply analyse your day with a help of a simple notebook initially then switch into a professional one for better looks and you're offered in the journal or planner on the long run.
Miss N.
Personally, I just use the text box they provide on Fabulous because it’s private and no one can snoop through it and it gives me just enough characters to write as I haven’t been much of a writer so I find it hard to think of topics to write about.
If you just want to choose between the physical notebooks, I would choose something simple and something you would enjoy writing it. I love to use notebooks that are cutesy and adorable but also cheap as I think that if you buy a notebook you love, it will enable you to want to use it. I say that you should go for a cheaper notebook, or even better- go digital.
Monique E.
If I have a professional planer I would use that but if I don’t I get whatever journal I like and start writing in there
Arizona P.
A simple notebook. For a while I thought I wanted a more elaborate one, like a bullet journal, but it's too high maintenance for me. A journal is supposed to be your place to release the tensions, not create more because you've got to design this or color-code that, etc.
Shy E.
I bought my journal from the MUJI online store. It has Japanese kanji on the front and the color aesthetic is very pretty. I’ve been writing a lot of entries for a few days now because I have so many thoughts. I hope this journal lasts for a while, I will definitely buy more journals from MUJI.
Sarah J.
I use the PAUSE journal by Axel and someone. I love it bc it's a great combo of prompts and space to just write whatever.