1st, 2nd or 3rd person perspective, which do you prefer?

Vanessa Z.
2nd because reading it feels like it is directed towards me. First person it seems like I am talking to myself and 3rd obviously it is more of describing a scene that I am not a part of so 2nd is more engaging but you shouldn’t pressure your own opinions into 2nd person because everyone is different and if you do people will not read it

Maja F.
I think that each perspective had their own charme. However, personally, I think I prefer the 1st person perspective as it really showcases the emotions of a single character towards other people. I find that there's some magic in seeing other people's facettes only through the eyes of one person, meaning, one has to analyze through those structures, how ones own image of said person is. The first person perspective can truly lead to some thinking which, to me, makes it really special.

Tillmann C.
Third person perspective. I am fond of storytelling style of saying things, much like they do in kindergarten. There is mystery and innocence to it.

Theo N.
It depends, but perhaps 2nd person. It connects with you personally, but also with everyone. It makes you feel more connected with yourself as well as with the universe. It’s general, so that makes it 10x more powerful when its specific.

Luc Nio Z.
Hmmm…. I don't actually know. I lean towards 2nd perspective. So that I am aware of myself in two ways. As an 'I' and as a you. It allows me to connect with myself. But I do sometimes think about 1st person and its benefits. Especially in the form of affirmations. Maybe 1st person connects me even deeper than 2nd person! It's something I'm still exploring.

Greg F.
It depends on the situation and the mood. I used to write in 2nd person to give an advice but I caught myself writing in 3rd a few days ago. It’s a way to make the other feel more comfortable. In some cases I use 1st to make my words stronger. It’s kind of experience…

Pluck N.
For me 1st.
It’s of course personal. But I like writing directly out of my brain 🧠
But when I’m writing a note for my future self, it’s in third person.

Momo N.
I want to be the first one and get all of the attention. I want everyone to see how hard I’ve been doing and that I worth to be here in this place. If you work hard on something do your best and show others your real self.

Lucy F.
1st!!! Always 1st for me!!! Whether is writing or speaking, I always pick 1st as my 1st preference. This is because you can express deeper emotion and help others understand more so that you can achieve more and feel confident and happy within yourself.

Dorifa Y.
I prefer a 1st person perspective because it can reflect more on our selfs since this is a self reflection app. A 1st person perspective is like we asking ourselves so our thoughts might be more reflective and truthful.

Vicki P.
You mean for storytelling? It depends on the goal and the effect you wish to obtain.
If you’re talking about writing in your journal/diary, 1st. person. I can’t use another.

George Y.
I prefer the first person perspective. In my opinion it makes it easier to connect with others. This also helps me gain trust and respect by including others in my decisions and opinions that have to deal with them.

Dustin E.
3rd seems to offer the most perspective in my experience. Any time I am focused on myself, it gives me a limited view of reality. Living in a “1st person reality” is exhausting and prevents any type of real personal growth.

Aeterna Sherra K.
I prefer first or third person. First person gives you the perspective of you, that you are you and this is your life. I like third person because it gives you an outside perspective. Like you’re not you and you’re just watching you grow and succeed and fail.

Stacy Q.
Interesting question. What is the context? Most of the time I speak and write in first person. For work, I write and speak in 3rd person (representing the company and my team).

Maryam F.
Personally, it depends on what you asking about. Firstly, talking about things that are related to me, I use first perspective. Secondly, while second and third perspective is for explaining a, relatively, theoretical concept(s). In a sense, the prior perspective is bringing in the reader closer to the text, as in perhaps making it easier for audience to relate, while the latter perspective is making a relatively larger statement that includes more than just the first two perspectives.

Ivan U.
I think I prefer 1st, because it's for myself, I mean I can manage myself without the help of other people, that's all.

Phyllis W.
Third person perspective, because the 3rd person have bigger probability of knowing what the 2nd and 1st person saying. So it’ll be wiser if a person saw perspective from a wider one, so they can make summary from all of the perspective

Renata G.
I prefer 1st person persepective because it makes me feel like I am
really in the book, and it helps me relate to the main character more. I love 2nd and 3rd as well, but I think 1st is my favorite

Declan B.
What others think is there business not mine if they want to share that's fine if its criticism then I also have a choice to not listen keep positive by keeping positive people in your life.

Maria C.
I prefer a 1st person perspective because my opinion is the only one that truly matters. I can be my own best and worst critic and it is up to me to make my life what I want it to be.

Akanksha C.
I usually prefer 1st perspective. This really shows us the character or the person’s thoughts and feelings which makes the whole situation more interesting and relatable.

Silas N.
I think i like To talk Best in the 1st person so can share from what I a man learning! Then my next choice to speak ,one on towards general focused subject to people! My third choice I think next choice would be talking to just one person!

Angel U.
I’d say 1st person for sure. A lot of people would call me selfish or greedy but that’s not the case at all. Saying “I” to my communicates that me has to be one/in tune/at peace with self in order to show up in the world haw we desire in our heads. An unhappy you will contribute to other people’s negativity and unless you know who YOU are and where you stand!

Silje Z.
3rd person perspective, I prefer that because you see everything from the outside, at the same time it’s weird because we don’t see life in that way, but it’s very interesting. I hope I answered your question right

Kasper C.
I don't know. Maybe i prefer 1st person. This ist very a hard question. Sorry my answer is very short, but I learning English a short time

Karisa N.
I disagree, when a short sentence can represent a whole paragraph with the key word it has, than i prefer the short sentence.

Beatriz T.
Always think of all the three perspectives at the same time. You’ll see what argument weighs more, and what is more important in a simple way

Francisca G.
1st absolutely, I rather know the history or wtv from the person because it’s different the way they express themselfs and you can feel how really the person feels. And you can relate more easily.

Nelson Y.
3rd person perspective because i feel that it would allow me to see how i live in this world. to see if the way i feel is justified by the way i love

Evelyn O.
I like both first person as it feels very personal and helps me believe that oh, it’s about me, from myself. And third person because it feels like a narrator narrating my story. But for example, in the letters that I read in this app from future me I really liked and I think would fall into the second person category.

William G.
I'm not sure if you mean writing and reading, or something else, but I will answer in terms of those.

I think off the bat, 3rd person is my go-to, but not necessarily my favorite. It's easy to work with and to read, and allows you to get into many different characters' heads instead of limiting to the protagonist.

1st person does this, and while it can be very good when you know your protagonist well, it can also be very bad. A 1st person story where the narrative reads like a narrative and not the character telling the story is hard to get into.

2nd person is definitely the most difficult, and I rarely see it done because of that. However, that doesn't mean it's bad. When done well, 2nd person makes for a really compelling way to pull a reader into the story and place them there as their own character.

I like all three, given the circumstances are right. Some are just easier than others, so the right circumstances come more often.

Argemiro E.
I prefer the 2nd person perspective. I need to feel as though Simone is coaching me and cheering me on. At this time, I can’t rely on myself. I hope to get there in the future.

Ekrem O.
I believe that when you think about it you’d be quick to say well third person duh, but when you really take your time and think about it it’s like wait I've been in all these positions before. I mean think about it you’re in 1st person in real life and only in second and third person when you talk about you like someone else is talking about you, so really I don’t have an answer but it’s always better to live in 1st person perspective because sometimes when you’re in your head to much you want to escape but you can’t until eventually you can.

Elissa E.
I’d prefer 3rd person perspective. I like the idea of having someone else narrate my life, thoughts, and everything going on. Plus 3rd person allows you to see what’s going on in someone else’s life that corresponds to your life too.

Jesse Z.
I prefer first person statements because they convey self-responsibility. I speak only for myself, rather than for others or a group. This leaves room for others to represent themselves or for the group to come to a consensus.

Andrew P.
1st or 3rd person perspective is best for me. Especially 1st since it’s me doing it. But I do like 3rd to since it’s like a future me doing it.

Erwin L.
I think, that if this perspective is to someone, then I don’t care, because I’d never run after someone to be the first, or the second, or the third, etc.,
The important thing for me, is to be the first one for myself and I’m working on it!

Phil F.
2nd person is great for practicing distancing self talk.

3rd person is fun, I use it when I talk to my partner.

1st person is the place of belonging.

Melanie Z.
1st because it allows me to imagine the people, places and things in the story better and I am able to feel more involved in the story, like I am actually there myself.

Katie F.
I prefer 1st person because it personalizes a story and sets the reader in the thoughts as well as the actions of the character.

Alberte A.
The best way of writing is when you put all your emotions and feelings into your typing. Type as if you’re talking to someone, like right now, i’m typing whatever is in my mind. Writing with emotions and writing as if you’re talking to someone is really great especially when writing a story.

Cindy N.
I like 3rd person perspective. I think that 3rd person includes no only the other peoples points of view, but also my own. I like to get what other people think and also for them to see what I think or feel. It’s a process of reciprocity.

Lee W.
1st perspective because it’s more like the instinct that you had about the situation. It also depends on the situation you face or dealing with.

Richard U.
first person) i like being able to know what the person thinks, how there seeing everything. i also find it easiest to understand, like someone is telling you a story of their life. my favorite is when there is multiple people telling the story in first person, alternating chapters between the main characters.

Other F.
I prefer 3rd perspective- trying to see and face situations as an outsider. It helps a lot in social situations, but many of my own wishes or needs could be ignored thanks to that. In my opinion, the best way is to combine all.

Sofie X.
Second, as in “you do this, you do that…” It feels like I’m having a conversation with myself, and weirdly more personal that “I” statements (But still more connected than third person). I’m thinking within the context of storytelling, like the narative bits of this app.

Michaela Z.
1st perspective. It's easier for me to write in 1st because you put yourself in your characters shoes and write like it's coming from you.

Thea Z.
First person helps you live your life so it is focused around you. First person allows you to add thoughts, personal ideas, etc. It also helps you work with you mental health, Therefore, I favor first person.