Do you feel relieved after writing?

Jakub X.
Oh yes I do. I can see my improvement. I remember my days better and when I feel weak, i read them. It makes me feel like nothing is over.
Cathy A.
Yes, I do feel relieved after writing. It’s a relief for me to get things that have been weighing on my mind, especially emotional thoughts, expressed in the form of writing. It is my creative outlet, my means of expression and release or way to vent.
Ben M.
Yep! I feel happy when I can get my thoughts out onto something concrete. I get especially happy if I write about things for others to see. Feedback and engagement from others make me happy.
Blondi X.
I do. It’s good to get my feelings for the day out and it’s refreshing to read it months or years later and see my progress.
Stevie F.
I wouldn't say relieved, but I really do enjoy writing, especially in a diary form. I think it helps clear my mind (I'm a big fan of to-do lists for the same reason, it frees up space in my brain to either focus on my tasks or think about other things).