What is your favorite medium to journal in? I type it in the notes of the fabulous app, screen shot it and post it on my private Instagram account. I like being able to go back see where I’ve been and where I am now. But I also have a journal hoarding problem ☺

Nora E.
I do a lot of journaling in a book. I’m old fashion and love just own and paper. I also print off photos and add them in to the writing to add more of a memory to it.
Taciana I.
On paper, with my hand. Not tipping!
The mental and emotional connection, The impact and depth of the reflection is more profound when I draw the letters either on paper or with my iPencil
Sarah Y.
I write mainly about things in an observer’s point of view. Yesterday, for example I wrote about the fact it was raining and snowing. Sometimes I add events or rather misadventures that occurred on the same day. I don’t post any of these on social media.
Muharrem W.
I definitely enjoy writing by hand in a tangible notebook rather than typing in a note or document or something digital. But that’s a cool way to keep track of your journal notes by posting them to your private Instagram! I also have some hoarding tendencies and for sure still have journals from my teenage and young twenties years somewhere in my house. 😋
Samantha N.
I prefer old school paper journals. Something cute to keep me motivated. Seems silly but it does make a difference what the journal looks like. Using my phone/computer just isn't the same. Too distracting and I don't get the same joy and relaxation as I do with old school pen and paper. Bonus: Less screen time! So I can really free my mind ❤
Eperke X.
I prefer to use a paper notebook. I too, have a lot of journals. For me, handwriting is much more relaxing and faster than typing on either a phone or computer.
Sean R.
I have a journal called the hero's journal. It's pretty much inspired from fantasy genres like Lord of the Rings which is perfect for me as a huge fan. It treats your goals as if you're on an epic quest.