Do you write in your journal in bed or before?

Debbie U.
Before, I do. But these past few months I stopped because of lack of motivation. I want to rearrange my study space and bedroom so that i can be more motivated. One big dactor that hinder me from doing my habits and routines is my living area(my grandma's house). So since we have two weeks of academic ease, I am planning to rearrange my area at home so that it will be more functional, cleaner, and fresh for the eyes and mind. I want to have friends here because I only have one friend in my life. Can you someone who reads this send me a mail or dm?

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Jandirene C.
I wrote in my journal during the day. No specific time of day, just during the day. I’ve never really stuck to journaling…hopefully third time I’ll stick to it. I have to get used to a routine, maybe writing every morning or night will help?
Axelle Z.
I actually write my journal in the morning to start my day and it’s usually after I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth
Tiffany U.
I write in my journal at anytime day or night. I actually have different journals for different ideas in all kinds of places
Jasmin J.
It honestly depends. Just remember your journal is a place where you should be brutally honest about your feelings. Today I learned about something called shadow journaling. This is where you are thinking of your inner child and digging deep into your feelings for some self love and healing. You can also journal when you are feeling some kind of way through out your day so you can acknowledge how you feel. I try to focus more on my feelings more so than who or what is upsetting me. Not saying that you can’t vent in your journal but you wanna dig deep and figure out why you’re feeling how you feel so you can be kind to you when those feelings arise. Hope that helped 😌
Marie Z.
I write in my journal before bed, because I like to dedicate my bed only to sleeping. Journaling is relaxing, but it is not sleep and it requires some thinking. I like to journal sitting cross cross on the floor, because I feel alert but calm.
Nils T.
I’m a firm believer in bed is for bed. But, I get everything ready, teeth cleaned, pjs on, window open, I write my journal do my meditation and then light off and get into bed.
Felena I.
I carry my journal with me throughout the day. This way if I have idea's, thoughts or need to process how I'm feeling after an event I can do so.
I have been journaling since I was a young child. I believe carrying a small notebook is best for running around during the day. I can catch an idea, epiphany or information so I won't forget it later. Hope this helps 😃
Hilda E.
Dont eat carbs and sugar

Cant nap?
Do something that invigorates you. Move. Jumping jacks. Stretch.

Cant move?
Do something that restores you. Read. Read lighthouse.

Cant read?
Breathe. Breathe deeply. Remind yourself you can deal with tired. You have before you can again. It will pass.

Lara S.
I write in my journal in bed, usually is after I turn off technologies for the day and before I read and go to sleep. I think is good to begin and end the day with some you time, offline time, and journaling in bed is a good way to reflect on your day
Elizabeth T.
I write in my journal while in bed before I go to sleep. I work long 12 hour days sometimes and it may be the only opportunity that day I have for peace and quiet reflection.
Rose J.
I try to write before I get into bed, because I am tired and it is sometimes a lot to get the journal and the pen into bed with me! Lol! I have a desk in my bedroom that has my journal and pen ready to go…and I try and write before it is too late at night or it doesn’t get done. I have everything set up at my desk, so it is easy to journal. When it is set up like that, I find that I am writing sometimes during the day too…but mostly I aim to write after dinner before I am too tired to do it.
Susanna O.
Unfortunately not. However I’m looking for a journal and will start a journaling practice, before I go to sleep. I used to journal then a woman l knew found it and read. So l gave up journaling. Now I want to take up keeping a gratitude journal.