What time do you prefer writing down in your journal?

Nicklas U.
I prefer writing just before going to bed. This way I can reflect on the day/situations and empty my head of doubts. Now I can sleep peacefully without overthinking.
Elijah O.
I write in the afternoon on the subway commute to work. But on the weekends,
I write in the morning just after I wake up. This when I have my most creative thoughts or I may have a solution that I been subconsciously working on.
Frederikke X.
For me, it’s at the end of the day. It helps me to reflect on what happened and to also plan ahead my next day. However , I write in my gratitude journal every morning with my coffee. It’s my ME time. It also sets the mood for a happy day. It makes me see the world with a different angle. I am lucky to be where I am and to have what I have.
Villads W.
I usually prefer writing in my journalat around 6pm. Its the perfect time since you might have other things to do during the day, and 6pm is not too soon, not too late. A calming time of the day😊
Tabatha F.
The time of day I prefer writing down in my journals can me when I am relaxed. I usually have captured a moment for myself and a cup of tea. My personal favorite time is in the morning when I am more receptive to my emotions.
Liam N.
I believe that writing in my journal will be best at the night time as it will be the end of the day so I can reflect on what I have done
Nav C.
Just before heading to sleep I like to write up the days events and my take on it. Everything is fresh and authentic. I also like to re-appraise the previous few days entry and relate any insights gleaned.
Art T.
an overall opinion on what happened through the day, whether it was good or bad, productive or unproductive, what would I'd be happy about if I did, telling my self to do or don't do somethings
Thaaniya A.
I usually write in it right before I go to bed, have a good overview of the feeling I experienced and the events that happened that day.
Daniel J.
I do both a morning planning session and an evening recap. I also do a review and planning at the end of each week, month, semester, and year.
Deborah F.
Zowel in de ochtend als in de avond. In de ochtend helpt het mij om mijn gedachten te ordenen en de juiste mindset voor de dag te krijgen. In de avond helpt het mij om te reflecteren op de dag en mijn hoofd leeg te maken.
Benjamin C.
i like to write my journal at night, it comes with gratitude journal. i write down all of the things i am grateful for on that day. also what i looking for forward. then at the morning i also love to write a journal. but, my focus is to write a simple quotes that relate to my own life.
Nazl N.
I am the same. I do yoga instead of meditation in that case. lower the lights, drink camomile tea. and do freeflow yoga.
Barbara Z.
In the evening, after dinner, but before bed. Although sometimes, especially if there is a recent development, I am tempted to write in the journal immediately after the event so I can reflect on it later.
Hannah T.
I prefer the evening when I’m in bed so that I can look back on the day calmly and look forward to the following day before the chaos takes over.
Tracy P.
Write in the morning and in the evening – morning gratitude, what would make a good day and affirmations, evening I write about good things that happened and how day could have been better