What do you do when your mind is a blank and you don’t know what to write?

Cha G.
I just strart to write random words. They may be thing I just see, and then my mind start to wander around, I write down every word that comes to my mind. I don't bother with organizing then, and make any sense. I don't make sentences until they come themselves. And then it just start to happen and I know how to continue with meaningful sentences. Sometimes it happens really soon but sometimes it takes through 3-5 lines… But it's still better than nothing 🙂
Amanda T.
As a writer. It is very hard for me to force my writing when I am blank. Yoga is very good, Yoga With Adrienne has a very good writers yoga which helps me clear my mind and find new inspirations. I usually take a break, maybe meditate. Going out to a place you really like also helps. I like going to my local book store, it is my favorite place. I get my work and my coffee and I take a deep breath, relax, and that usually works for me.
N I N.
My daily journal target is to remember, what I have read yesterday. Otherwise, there is something to think about: a new programming function I want to remember, my current anxieties. This is just a list of topics.
Mitchell U.
I get that a lot. I close my eyes and breathe. Focus on what I have done today, what I will do and what I have achieved.