What do you do for the journaling habit?

Amber E.
I just write whenever I can even on a post it at work and throw that in a book. The key with these habits is simplify don’t make it this big to do. Then you don’t want to do it.
Carol Z.
I look at it as a treat, a chance to reflect on my day, set new goals, release tension. Something about writing your struggles down makes them seem more manageable. It’s like taming the pessimistic monsters in your mind with words. So every time I journal, I feel like I’m finding chinks in their armor and allowing my inner light to break through. It feels good to consciously do something to instill a sense of hope. I don’t intend to kill or destroy the monsters, because that would be losing a part of myself. I want them to feel acknowledged so that they can step aside and let me walk out of the cave of depression and into the light of my full potential. And you know what, they can even come with me.