Does writing in your journal impact your daily life in any way? If so, how?

Black A.
Yes, sometimes it is very hard to face my own feelings and lately i've been crying a lot while facing harder times. But it also helps me make my thoughts less jumbled.
Bruce F.
Ben en fait le fait de parler le matin me permet de libérer des tensions. De rentrrr au plus près de moi même. Parfois je suis paresseux je ne le fais pas mais c’est indéniable que écrire le matin me libère de tensions qui depuis que je fais ce petit jeu m’aide à me sentir bien mais je ne suis pas sur du niveau d’impact de cette habitude
Nat Q.
i just think it’s a healthy way to cope with any cooped up feelings/thoughts/emotions. it’s a nice way to get your feelings out there when you don’t feel comfortable sharing them with others. this way u can get ur inner thoughts out on a healthy way, while keeper ur own privacy until u can open up to others. the journal can be ur venting person until u find someone u can trust. but even then, journaling is just a nice way to reflect and help u understand urself in a way u never have before
Kaitlyn Q.
I have found that journaling is a good way for me to get out all of my intense feelings/emotions so that they aren’t cluttered in my brain. I’ve also been able to learn more about myself as I journal 2 times a day. I have been using a promoted journaling app on my phone and it really is helping me feel less stressed and more empowered as I am able to organize all my thoughts and feelings into a writing prompt. I feel that I am becoming stronger as an individual and am healing. I’m happy with my self care journey and the results I’m already noticing. I feel less stressed overall, I feel more motivated to get things done, and I am feeling happier again. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m so happy that I’m able to feel some progress already occurring.
Liva W.
Journaling has really helped me turn things around. It helps me observe patterns in thoughts and feelings. It also gives me a space to have conversations with myself. Journaling also allows me to let go of things and process past events or triggering situations.
Carrie P.
My daily journal might not feel like it impacts me at the moment but sometimes I’m sure it does in many different ways depending on what my entry is it can impact in good and bad.