How many pages do you write each day

Ava E.
Well if your talking about journaling your day I write until I have nothing left to say. Sometimes I have very little to say but others I fill up two pages with my words. Hope this helped?!😊
Riska C.
usually I write one sheet to two sheets depending on how my heart feels but at least I only write half a sheet and up to 3 sheets at most
Renae W.
I only write 1 page per day, 1 conversation between me and my thoughts a chance to reflect on my day both the insignificant and the significant moments that it brought me and a moment to be thankful because many didn’t get the day I did.
Sandra R.
Some days I'm beyond words so I doodle. Occasionally, a few sentences express my deepest thought. I have written over ten pages in an hour. The thing about journaling is there is no right or wrong. I write each day what my heart leads me to write.
B J.
I try to write at least one full page each day. Or do my journaling “mentally” and just process what I feel that day.
On days when I have the time, I just write until I feel like I’m at a good stopping place. Just try not to pressure yourself! Journaling isn’t supposed to be stressful, it’s supposed to help clear your mind of either your stress for the future, trauma from the past. Or current emotions.
I hope this was helpful!!
Jens W.
I write about one page per day. That’s really because I’m starting out with writing in my journal everyday. I read that Journalling doesn’t require you to write out all your feelings and grievances but it more so to reflect on your day and express your thoughts on paper to allow your mind to be free when you go to sleep. That’s the way I’ve been following it so far but I do know that one day when the time comes and I need to cry and express my grievances then I know I’ll write more than a page and just pour everything out.
Ellie W.
Oh that changes every day. I have an A5 notebook and I’ll usually finish one page for definite but sometimes it can be three. It depends on what’s happened that day and how much time I have before I should sleep.
Kristen P.
I don’t write each day. With covid and quarantine coming up on its year anniversary, I don’t have much to write about every day. I’ve accepted that and don’t force myself to write when I have nothing to put into it. But when I do write, I typically write a page. The most I’ve written is 2 pages at a time. It really just depends on what’s happening, and how I feel about what’s happening.
N Amh Z.
On average I would say 1 and a half pages. It depends on what I'm writing, what I did that day and what prompts are given in the challenges
Annija Q.
I just have a calendar which I don't use for its purpose, but I like to reflect my day every evening and write down how I felt or something nice that happened. At the end of that calendar there are just empty pages where I write everything that comes in to my head and I feel like I have to write it down.
I don't write much but I think it's not about the quantity, it's more about the quality 🙂
Talytha F.
That varies a lot. And it's ok. Some days I wrote 2 pages or more, but most of days I wrote 1 page. The most important it's the reflection exercise and giving you the opportunity of express your own tolds.
Andrew E.
Hi varies a lot but I'm trying to write more and use this app to help myself and others. So some days I just write a few bullet points and other days I find myself writing a few paragraphs.
D Vid T.
Precisely I don’t know, as average. Probably I write about a line daily because I don’t write in my journal that frequently. I try writing the right way but I am just a beginner in journaling……
Summer X.
If I can find the time to journal, I can write upwards of 5 pages in one sitting. When I get the rare opportunity to write, it is usually long winded as I need to process several ideas or events in one journal entry.
Avi N.
I write like one to two pages in total each. That combined with what I write on this app, and my physical journal. But the goal is write more!
Thaaniya A.
I don’t really write. I paste pics and emojis onto my Notes page and draw a pic of how I felt each day. I’m not really into writing, but you can do whatever you wanna do! I’m trying to get into writing more to reduce screen time, but I’m working on it. Bye!!!
Sonya J.
It depends…sometimes one page of bullet points to reflect
Sometimes a page focusing on one area bullets.. sometimes a page and then action plan ongoing on the basis of reflecting positive negative working not working strategies and theories still to explore
Filipa E.
I write on my day one app. I found it is more acessebile and vary easy to use. I know there is benefit in writing with paper and pen, but this app suits me best, it's always on my fingertips and records time and place. It is what works for me
Beatriz O.
Only one. I write as soon as I wake up, how am I feeling about the day ahead and in general. And write my goals for the day. Before I go to sleep I write again to see if I fullfilled my goals and to reflect on my day and what I liked about myself. After that I write the inspirational quote of the day and try to make a quick drawing to disconect and unplug !
Blake S.
I usually fill one side of a piece of notebook paper, but I would recommend that you just do what feels right. If a sentence feels right, that’s all you need. If three pages feels right, go for it! It’s your journal.