Do you rather write in the morning or in other time of the day?

Milena X.
I rather write in the morning when everything is still fresh and quiet. I also try to write in the afternoon or evening to recall my day and important thoughts.
Sarah T.
I write my free flowing morning pages in the morning after exercising, and I write at least 30 minutes creatively in the evening
Sofia F.
I rather write in my diary in the afternoon, or even at night, when I can't sleep. That helps you let go of bad feelings and sleep better at night or keep track of events in your life.
Alkali Y.
I like to either write right before I sleep so that I can record stuff from the whole day or write whenever something happens to also record stuff from the whole day
Maya O.
I tend to write in the morning. I would prefer to write sometime after dinner but then I’m less likely to do it. If you don’t have motivation issues when it comes to writing I’d say write before you go to bed because then you’ll have so much more to write about than when you’ve just woken up in the morning!
Gemma E.
I find if I’m challenging myself to write, if I’m on a deadline then morning is a must so I don’t procrastinate. If it’s journaling I find so much joy in it that I can do it anytime.
Norma E.
I would prefer writing at night when I’m about to wind down to go to bed since it is a good time to reflect on my day and be grateful for what I have and what I could do to make tomorrow better then today. I also prefer it since I don’t have much time in the morning as I have to go to school.
Nickii O.
I would rather write in the evening. The evening gives me time to think through my thoughts and write raw reactions to my day. Sometimes if my dreams are vivid enough, then I write about them in the morning.
Clara J.
Mostly before my sleep time. With the relax ambience and quiet, it makes me concentrate in what I have been done during the day. This helps also my sleep since the reflection release my tension too.
Jan A.
I write in the morning about my day yesterday, and my aspirations and convictions for today. Easier than making a memory dump at the end of the day in my opinion.
Edwin Z.
I prefer different styles of writing in the morning and evening. In the mornings it’s more focusing my thoughts and lists and in the evening it’s affirmations and detailing little details of my day that made it good.
Amani F.
I do like to write at night always feeling free and have a clear mind to write what i think & though, specially before get to sleep
Riccardo O.
I prefer in the evening. I can write about my day, this way I can summarize how it went. Moreover I relax and Iprepare my body to sleep.