Do you follow any framework for journaling?

Benjamin C.
I mostly do a stream of conciousness style of writing just to get my thoughts and feelings out and then at the end of the week I try to do a reflection of my week and sort of self counsel from there and figure out how to navigate from there. I also do a bullet journal style habit tracker just to keep up with habits I want to keep or even ones I want to drop.
Mathilde U.
No, not exactly . . . because then it feels like a chore. I’m organized so I use a different color for different emotions but I flow from one day to the next without worrying about being on a new page (i.e., if one night ends in the middle of the page, I skip a line the next night, put the date, and continue one the same page). I want it to feel natural like a conversation. You want to look forward to that cathartic release.