How do you encourage yourself to write a full entry despite being really tired?

Felix N.
I need to study day and night no matter how long I study I need to study because it will help me be successful in the future
Emilee U.
Try to make some schedules for bedtime and morning, it will cause you to have more energy. If your too tried you can try changing the time of doing it later.
Deuvon U.
Keep going, it’s the times we don’t feel like doing something that tends to leave us with unexpected results. Easier said than done, but Push Through.🍽
Elin N.
I opine that if you have to do (or really want to do) something you have to do it just now ,not just waiting for the right time or you being energetic and motivated due-to maybe this moment never come and your work to do may never done.
Gunni X.
Knowing that one day after all thins writing and hurting. I will one day comeback and see the progress I have made. Knowing that writing down even just a short paragraph would make me feel 0.01% better makes me look forward to the future where I hope to feel even 50% better. In conclusion my source motivation is a healthier future, where I can love and not hate.
Aldemar C.
If I am too tired to write a full entry, I listen to my body. Instead, I write one sentence that sums up the day. Then later, when I have more energy, I revisit that line and it jogs my memory so that I can write more about what happened that day.
Thea Z.
The most important thing here is to build the habit first and making it stick. So on the tired days, rather than making myself write a full entry with detailed descriptions/reflection, I will write just 1-3 sentences.
Once the habit is built, I would feel the need to write/record/reflect before going to bed.
Rebecca F.
I wake up and I exercise for like 1 hour then I take a nice cold shower to wake me up and that’s what I do to get a lot of energy through out the day
Gert T.
even if i am tired, i encourage myself by having a designated space for journaling, so once i sit there, i’m in that mindset. sometimes i even force myself a little but i’m grateful for that too, because in the end taking that time to be grounded to myself and reflect on my feelings, while small, gives me a huge boost in my mood and overall emotional well-being.
Adrian F.
I just tell myself to do it, because changes have to start in my head first and later on I can acomplish them in real life, and it makes je excited to have a fresh new start because I really needed that, so if I push myself into doing this, only then I can change
Poppy N.
Well.. you can try taking a nap. That will encriese your energy by almost 70 precent! Or you can try listening to music you really like.
Cleo I.
Remember my WHY!Why I started why I’m doing it and what I would love to put out there from doing it. Someone somewhere might need to hear it.
Kristina U.
Sometimes I know rest is so important that I accept a small entry. I am truly trying to do better than yesterday each day… so I remind myself this is helpful to myself and my productivity. Me time/ reflection is mad important for growth!
Karen U.
When I am tired I start by saying to myself just one sentence and as I get to the end of that first sentence my brain has suddenly found it has more to say. So I start the second sentence. Despite my tiredness I find myself with thoughts and feelings I want to record. When I no longer automatically start the next sentence then that is the time to stop. Sometimes there is just one sentence in my journal but that is ok, quantity is not the goal. The goal is to allow myself a little time to reflect and record my reflections. My mantra is “Just start” the rest will flow.
Henzal M.
I mentally imagine myself writing even in my tired state.
Without thinking twice about what I just imagined, I pick my journal and I write.
Harold F.
I don’t like going to bed with an anxious mind, and writing in my journal helps me put whatever is going on into a different perspective. It helps me to deal with that anxiety.
Nelli J.
Normalmente se non voglio scrivere non li faccio. Credo che scrivere quando non si ha voglia sia la cosa più inutile che uno possa fare. Stessa cosa vale per la lettura, se non ho voglia di leggere stasera lo farò domani.
Mia P.
Well, I always wake up and go straight to open my curtains. Honestly opening your curtains gives you a great start to the day and more self confidence and encouragement. Also, I always find it better to stretch right when you wake up gives you more energy. I make sure I practice daily affirmations after I stretch. You can do this!
Elna C.
The effort is well worth it because the act of putting stuff out of your head on to a paper or digital support for me at this moment is crucial for my well being. My head is clearer and let's me be more focused and my anxiety levels are way lower than it used to be.