How do you make time for journaling

Rh P.
I set a specific time for journaling at 8:30 PM every day. I would keep an eye on the time and make sure I can get home and sit at the desk before 8:30.

Had I not appointed a fixed time for journaling, I would have to find a suitable time to write every single day and that can be exhausting. So at 8:30pm, journaling is top priority. Otherwise this habit would be interrupted or postponed and eventually given up very easily as it is nothing urgent.

So this is my 2 cents: set a time and keep it. Good luck!

Софья Хлебникова N.
I try my best but being fully honest sometimes fail to prioritize something else over it. However I recognize the pattern that the day is a bit worse if I don’t write in my journal. I do two things: I wake up early in the morning and do my routine of exercising and coffee and shower and fabulous coaching and after when I eat breakfast I take my journal. And also before I go to sleep in bed I write in my journal in the Fabulous app so it feels better and I fall asleep faster.
Am Ncio N.
I make time for journaling by leaving my journal on my bedside table and at night reflecting on my day and the day I want to have tomorrow, this makes it easier as at night I have no prior commitments other than sleeping.
Mathilde F.
I journal before I go to bed, and I only journal when I have something on my heart. This puts the pressure off the task and makes it more enjoyable for me.
Jerry O.
There are many nights we don't fall asleep directly when we hit the sack. Keep a pen and a paper next to the bed. Write down your thoughts challenges. You sleep better
Adilene N.
Journaling is something i’ve just started a couple of weeks ago and how i make time is i try to incorporate it into my night time routine. i would journal right before bed to wind down and to review the things ive done that day. i personally feel like when you decorate your journal with pens, washi tape and stickers and u make it pretty, it makes it easier to keep the habit of journaling. also what keeps me inspired is by watching youtube videos about journaling like amanda rach lee and others.