What is worth to write in the journal or what people used to write in a journal?

Cata Z.
The most beautiful thing that people can write in the journal is the progress they make day after day in order to give them positive energy for the next stage of their goals.

Hinrich F.
Al escribir tus pensamientos podes proyectar mejor y al mismo tiempo, volver atrás a leer esos pensamientos puede ayudar a que veas todo tu progreso emocional.

Sofia Z.
Write down what it on your mind. Identify your negative thoughts and fill your mind / day with positivity.

By writing a journal it helps keep track of what I’m doing and how im doing and that allows me to review and adjust

Melissa Z.
A journal is at its core a written log of a person’s thoughts- about experiences, feelings, musings, ideas, dreams, challenges, hopes, desires… the list goes on. Writing can be a form of processing thoughts in a new way, which can even help you to see a new perspective, about new and familiar topics alike. Any thought you commit to paper becomes more real, more solid, in a way. Imagine what could come of these journal entries, retell stories of your life, or simply set a timer for 20minutes and automatically write anything that comes to mind (even if it doesn’t make sense) until the timer sounds. Journaling can be a fun and worthwhile process, a beautiful option for thinking and considering more deeply. Have fun with it!

L Rke C.
I write a few things for which I've been grateful during the day, a few sentences about what I did during the day, and address any overwhelming feelings so that I can put them more in perspective and realise they're just thoughts and I don't have to dwell on them – much like meditation.

Georgino Y.
Things regarding nature like birds and bugs. I think it’s the cutest thing when someone writes “Today I saw a beautiful pigeon on a tree making nest with its partner” or “I noticed a group of ants trying to lift a quite large bug” or “one bee decided to sit on my knee,I think she might’ve thought the flowers on my dress were real” and small observations like that just give a journal a unique feeling, at least I think so 🙂

Phillip Z.
In my opinion the way to do it is to look at modules that others are doing and see if you would like them. So I do a little summary of my schedule today, three things I'm grateful for, And then I write about my progress on the projects and habits I'm working on as well as adding the next actionable step I need to do in said project. I also have one thing that I MUST get done today. Just try different modules for a week and see how you feel.

Karl Otto T.
Write anything that you want. Anything that pops into your mind. Half the time my journal is just endless ramblings. I write about my day, what went good and what went bad, what I need to do tomorrow, anything that frustrated me. I write about school and work. I write about my future and what I want. I write about books and my cat. Anything that I just need to get down on paper. It is so beneficial for me. I often write in my journal twice a day. Or I’ll even grab it when I’m just feeling a lot of emotions, and I just write about what I’m feeling. It’s truly great for everyone.

Erdonis S.
Yeah sometimes I’m just not into it and dont know what to say because i don’t want to be remembered for writing something which is temporary

Karen W.
I think journals are life long companions that we carry throughout our life. Journals are witnesses to our daily struggles, dreams, and ambitions. Throughout history, journals were used by great men and a the few lucky women who had been taught how to write, to write down their inner most thoughts, to write down their daily experiences, and even work out their darkest thoughts. My journal is a loyal companion, one who I don’t always take the time to visit, but awaits me with my own thoughts.

Clyde G.
You can write anything you like in a journal like how was your day or how do you feel about something that is how you will feel light inside you and if you hold that thing in, then you will feel heavy

Bree N.
So I just picked up journaling after not doing it for five or six months. When I am my most anxious are my most upset there is some thing about journaling that just helps me vent and it also helps me figure things out to a certain degree. Just seeing my thoughts on paper, seeing them become permanent innocence, in black-and-white, helps me figure things out.

Aeryn E.
I generally just write about my day and how I’m feeling. But you can journal about anything. You could even make up stories or draw something. Journaling really can be whatever you want. I think what most people get out of journaling is just a time to focus on themselves and to work through their thoughts.

Loli B.
Just write down what you’re thinking, even if it’s ‘what’s a journal good for, anyway?’ Sometimes you have a lot to get out of your head and you won’t know it until you start writing.

Hallie W.
Anything you feel like writing. I can tell from my posts when they’re short that I didn’t have a great day. The ore that I write I’m a day generally reflects that I’m either talking through a problem or sharing good things. Both of those are positives for me. I try to evaluate the day. I need to get better at evaluating my mood and motivation. It’s more of a tracking system for my depression and anxiety than it is sharing my life. But some of that trickles in too. I try to evaluate how I’m feeling (down, good, negative, crabby) too.

Willie C.
Listen to your heart, believe in what your heart is telling you to put down. Remove the turmoil in your heart because that is where peace dwells… not in your mind.

Kelly O.
I love to write about everything I’m thinking and feeling, except about other people. I chose to not write about other people so my journal is always safe to be read by anyone. Besides, self reflection is much more helpful to me.

Troy F.
Anything that makes you happy that you don’t want to forget. Whether it be a life changing decision or just a small happy moment. They are all worth remembering.

Astrid W.
I don't really have the habit of journaling, but I do keep a few notebooks where I like to write down my favourite quotes, adding new ones as I find them in my readings. Whenever I feel down or bored or in need of some inspiration, I just flick through the pages and that's always very helpful to improve my mood. You can also add pictures, drawings and cute stickers or mementos… If you find a blank page to be too intimidating, I've read you can also choose to scribble your thoughts on other things, like the back of a receipt or a bus ticket, no need for fancy supplies. Then, if you end up not liking or relating to what you wrote anymore, you can just toss it away without feeling like you've lost much. There are so many options, really, you just need to find what suits you best. If you want to enhance your productivity or set your life on a certain path, bullet points sound great to record your progress. If you want to vent out, just go with a stream of consciousness. If your goal is to help your memory, carefully list your daily activities… And so on. Hope that was helpful! 😀

Katie E.
I don’t write a lot. I prefer to contemplate what the quote meant to me in the moment and immediately write that thought down. First impressions seem to be the best.

Danny O.
Anything. Sometimes I write up to 2-3 pages about my feelings that day, sometimes I just write 3 words “I’m tired”. I started one year ago and now I’m reading what I wrote last year and I can see part of my process in every part of my life.

Courtney P.
I am not sure what you are asking with this question. What is it worth to write in the journal? The way I read this question is are you asking what I get out of writing in the journal what it is worth to me? I struggled at first writing in the journal because I wasn't sure what to write about. But I use the prompts or the sayings that they have each day and I slowly began to enjoy writing in the journal and expressing my feelings and I like that I can look back to see how far I've come and how comfortable I've come with expressing my feelings and getting them out. It's healthy to be able to clear your mind and get your feelings and your thoughts either on paper written or on this app in the journal. So for me I like to do it every night before I go to bed that way I clear my head and I find it easier to fall asleep and I don't sit up all night thinking about my day or things that are bothering me because I've already gotten all of my feelings and my thoughts out in my journal. I hope this helps.

Ali S.
I think it’s not so important what you do but how you are feeling at the time. It’s a great way to track your mood and notice patterns of thought that could be improved/encouraged

Laura C.
I use the calm journal by fearne cotton and it has prompted questions for each day which I find really useful, I buy a new one each year

Cata Z.
His feelings from day to day, his thoughts, his future ideas and his plans that are emerging little by little in the day to day, as well as some modifications or ideas that arise, but a thing the most important thing is to write how we feel

Zo U.
Of course it’s important for your gum health, but it’s much more than that… it’s a self-care habit. Something for you, that benefits solely you

Debra W.
I write to think and plan my day. To put down my good and bad memories. When you do that and see it in writing, it can be liberating. Tryit one line will add to two and then more.

Nicole N.
I believe that everything that comes to your mind is something worth writing in your journal, in that way you can take all of those thoughts away and also transforming your thoughts into words helps you to know what you are actually dealing with. Love from México

Karla I.
Nothing is too ordinary to have potential to be meaningful. I’ve lately found beauty and peace in the mundane, and balancing it all out with fiery passions and unusual experiences makes life as a whole more rich and meaningful, all bitter and sweet at once.

Juliette N.
you can write what you want, what you just feel to write
You can write in order to release pressure/feelings and evacuate
You can also write to make memories of what made you happy

Basically, write what you want ! It’ll always be worth it

Samantha G.
I really enjoy writing in my journal because I can just let my thoughts flow free with a response to the quote. Sometimes the quote really resonates with me and sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always nice to look back on the things I’ve thought and written to see my own growth and shifts in perspective along the way.

Terry U.
You can write anything in a journal. But what’s most important is writing what matters to you, whatever it is. Sometimes just emptying everything on your brain on paper can be good, while others prefer to write thoughts as they come up. Others do journal prompts when they can’t think of what to write about or need help with where to start. Anything is worth writing as long as its interesting to you.

Kyle T.
Seus sentimentos e a forma como eles afetaram o seu dia. As decepções, tristezas e alegrias, todas escritas em um pedaço de papel como uma forma de desabafar sobre como se sente.

Cata Z.
It helps most people relieve stress or when a person looks back at all they were writing it gives the motivation to keep going and to not give up. Personally, I write because it takes me to a happier place no matter which environment I'm in. It helps me during my anxiety attacks and when I feel depressed

Cassidy N.
I think it is worth it, I have been trying to create the habit for about 6 months and at the end of the day it has helped me wind down as I fall asleep. What I like about Fabulous is that it gives you a prompt with a quote and you just write about what it makes you think. I pair that with the nightly message just before falling asleep and it has become a great way for me reflect on the day I had and return to a mindful state as I fall asleep and set an intention for the next day.

Aeryn E.
A journal is your thoughts and feelings. Much like a journey a journal will change and develop from where you first started. There is nothing that is "wrong" to put in a journal. Write out your feelings, write out what you did for the day (this isn't an opportunity to write down what you had for meals, unless you are writing out a food journal.) Write out your dreams and your fears

Brennan A.
well,i don't know about everyone cause veryones different but it really helps to transfer my thouhts into something. i mean i am und of a person who'll just have anxiety or stomach ache f i keep something to myself so i write all of my emmbarrosing moments,secrets and how i feel in that journal.so, yeah it helps alot.