do you think it’s necessary to journal regularly?

Johnni U.
Yes. It helps me to review the track of my life, No matter it’s happiness or pain, high heels or valleys. During a journal I can know whether I am improving or not, do you know if there are any problems with me that last for a very long time, And some other issues might have already been solved as time passes.
Sarah Z.
Since journaling is an optional habit to have it isn’t necessary to journal everyday but it is good to keep up with it. Journaling gives a lot of insight into how you are feeling and who you are as a person. I try to journal at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I tend to journal also whenever I want to keep track of how im feeling, such as if an event upsets me for some reason. It helps me to identify reasons why I am getting upset so I can be more mindful of them.