How do you write in your journal; topic, full text, short pharagrafs?

Rom O B.
I try not to put and limits or anything when I’m writing. No expectations just anything I think of and write down is my journal for that moment. Sometimes it’s one word, other days it’s pages.
Marcus W.
Usually just short "main idea" blurbs. If I have the time and I could use the release I'll do a stream of thought entry for 10-20 min.
Nicole J.
I have a goal of drawing, jotting ideas or doing something in my journal even if I can’t think of anything or if I have jumbled thoughts. Usually though, I write in full sentences and paragraphs using lots of abbreviations and shorthand.
Mitchell F.
I write it as of I was to explain my thoughts and/or day to someone else. Like a storie. Or as you would to your friends, just all over the place XD
Marcela C.
Depend of the state of my mind. Sometime I fill my planner wirh activities or ideas. Other times I write in a separate notebook my thoughts, in others I use an special journal some specific idea to reflect
Tilde Z.
Depending on the day and need really… When brain storming I write a lot, and when i know my goal i just write how i feel it went ^^ (or just brag to my self for making it)