Is it okay to write just a few sentences?

Ella H.
Yes definitely! I think putting anything down even if it is just a few sentences helps build the habit and at least youre doing it so it’s something!
Munirah F.
A few sentences is okay, however writing long ones do tend to give or provide readers with such ample information and details. Reflecting and journaling is rather time consuming, as it gives one the opportunity to write and reflect upon the actual experience that has happened, contemplate upon the learning experience that we consciously or unconsciously gained, and sort the possible ways and methods on how to make some crucial life decisions that could lead to permanent changes.
Virgil O.
Well yes and no I say yes because sometimes people don’t know what to write so they just write just a few sentences that’s what I do sometimes. And I so no because it’s better to write more so people can understand how you think and you can’t get that just from a few sentences
Hannah Louise P.
Of course it is! There are no rules when it comes to writing, well I mean about how you feel and journalling. Whether you want to write one, two or 3 things you're grateful for, something that made you smile, vent about something so it is out of your head and on paper, it helps so much. There is no right or wrong thing to write about, although self critical isn't good for your mind. A whole blank page can seem too much so whatever works for you. Maybe try just write the first thibg that comes to mind, even if it came out as I don't know what to write, it is the act of writing that is therapeutic and you can keep writing I don't know what to say eventually something will come up. A sentence is ebiugh, a word, let yourself go and remember it doesn't need to be long to be powerful. I hope you find what works for you as it can be so so helpful. Best of luck, from one stranger to another. I wish you well
Timmothy Z.
You can write about anything that you have seen or experienced. You should be writing just enough to describe how you are feeling or what you’ve experienced. And if that means only writing a few sentences then that’s fine.
میتـ ــرا N.
In my opinion it’s better to make your self to write completely even if you don’t any idea what to write but just write please.