Why do you journal?

Charlotte C.
It really helps to get out what’s in your head onto paper or the journal I. This app. Brain dumps are good for clearing your head. It helps for prioritising your to do list and chores too. I find keeping a journal impacts positively on my mental health and it also helps me to track my progress with my habits. I like to art journal to have a creative outlet and it helps with mindfulness and to maintain my mental health and well-being.
Joless N.
i journal because it helps me staying focused on the good things that are part of my everyday life, it helps me organise my intrusive thoughts, it helps me finding things i could be grateful for and the basic but most important reason is that i can talk completely freely in my journal, i can say (write) everything i want even dumb or cringe things and no one will judge or say anything. i like writing in my journal because it’s a therapy for my brain, a healthy tool for stressful and bad days and also a moment that i can spend with myself having fun but also working on my obstacles
Rene W.
I journal because I'd love for my future children to read about my past to learn more about me. This includes my perspective on events, my travels, and political thought.
Kylee F.
I journal how Ik feeling so far that morning, for example this morning I am feeling frustrated. Since I have noticed my feelings I aim to change them throughout the day.
Kyra Q.
I journey to get my feelings out on paper and visualize. Writing down my thoughts help me learn from them and bring it into real life existence. I also use journaling for my devotional to Jesus/ love letters to Christ. I own up to my faults and choices when I see it written down on paper.
Blanche Z.
I journal because it makes me feel at ease, calm and relaxed and I feel like I can truly say how I feel without being judged.
Joseph N.
I Journal because I find that it Carries half of the weight I carry. Whenever something happens I just journal it and it helps me capture the moment. I also find great joy in journalism! It’s a really fun habit!
Stanley U.
I journal because I enjoy expressing myself through writing. It’s a beautiful process seeing sentences form when they originally came from your head. If you journal about rough times and what you did during them, you could give it to someone and help them. If you don’t like talking about your feelings, journaling is a great way to get things off your chest without having to worry about people knowing and telling others.
Anatole P.
It gives me an unfiltered outlet. I am able to express my inner thoughts without judgement, but with true reflection. It brings me back to my childhood when I use to journal. My emotions were organic and expressed as so. Through the journey of adulthood you learn to cope and suppress feelings and emotions become compartmented. Subconsciously, I end up immediately judging myself and my true emotions are trapped – being released as a tormented afterthought.
Elaine M.
Journaling is a way to calm down from the pressures of life. I find that it is relaxing, and reassuring to know that I have told something(no matter what it is)how I felt that day. It’s also fun to look back and see what I have written.